WATCH: Man Climbs Trump Tower With Suction Cups

Trump Tower

A screenshot from a live video of the man climbing Trump Tower. (YouTube)

An unidentified man caused a spectacle by attempting to scale Trump Tower with suction cups.

The New York Post called him a “human fly.”


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There were news report that his name is “Steve” and he was trying to get Donald Trump’s attention.

The man created a social media spectacle as he scaled the exterior of the building in Manhattan. Police tried to stop him, said The Wall Street Journal.

One eyewitness told The New York Post that the man “keeps going. The cops can’t get him.”

The man was wearing a backpack and using a device with suction cups to perform the trick on Aug. 10.

Time Magazine said the man, whose name was not yet known, was white and in his twenties or thirties and clad in a green shirt.

By 4:30 p.m., he had made “it to the sixth floor sub roof of the building’s south side” and continued climbing, Time said, quoting the New York Police Department.

A window was broken in Trump Tower so police could try to talk to the man:

The Wall Street Journal said: “The incident, which began around 4 p.m., led authorities to shut down East 56th Street between Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue. Large crowds gathered at intersections to observe the climb.” The newspaper said the man used yellow straps as well as the suction cups to make the climb.