Tucson Medical Center Shooting in Arizona: WhatHappened?

A medical worker at Tucson Medical Center was shot and injured while sitting in her car in a parking lot at the center.

The 25-year-old woman is expected to survive; the assailant is unidentified but was captured on surveillance video, said Tucson.com, which added that she told police “she was sitting in the passenger seat of her car when the man approached her, tapped her on the shoulder and then shot her.”

It’s not clear why the man shot the woman, but the news site said the medical center believes the shooting is “isolated.”

The hospital was locked down on August 30, but the lock down was lifted shortly after midnight.

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Although many news reports did not yet have details of any injuries early on, KVOA says “one victim received non-life-threatening injuries in connection to the incident.” The shooting was reported at 9:15 p.m. However, there were conflicting reports, which is not uncommon as situations first break. The Arizona Daily Star said on the night of the shooting that police “did not have any information on whether a victim was found, or any information on a shooter.”

However, after midnight ABC News reported that a woman was shot and the injuries were life-threatening but there was no suspect in custody.

KGUN9 reported, “Police recently made contact with the victim but have no update on his or her condition.”

One report from local television said the shooting was in the parking garage. Watch a video report from the scene here.

“Tucson police are responding to the report of a shooting in a parking area,” said the television station CBS 5. The police were clearing the area as a precaution, said Tucson News Now.

Tucson Medical Center describes itself on its webpage as a facility that is “licensed at more than 600 beds” and “has been Tucson’s locally governed nonprofit regional hospital for 70 years. TMC is Southern Arizona’s leading provider for emergency care and pediatric care (including Tucson’s first Pediatric Emergency Department), with top-notch intensive care units for adults, children and newborns.”

People responded on Facebook with concern. One woman wrote, “so much for us wanting to take the baby to urgent care !!!!!!” and another women expressed concern that her daughter uses the same parking area. Another woman wrote, “Thank goodness my mom is home from work safe and sound. Scary to think she just missed this. I hope everything is okay.”

The shooting report comes the day after a false scare at Los Angeles International Airport of an active shooter and as people remain on edge over confirmed reports of shootings in the United States and overseas. The LAX incident turned out to be “loud noises” and not a shooting.