Two Guys Bow Ties More Than Doubled Business After ‘Shark Tank’

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Two Guys Bow Ties entered the Shark Tank in Season 7 with their wooden bow ties handcrafted in the US. Back then we interviewed co-owner Tim Paslay, who told us he came up with the idea for the accessories while working as a prop and set designer.

As their episode reairs, we caught up with co-owner Adam Teague, who gave us a glimpse of the tremendous growth the company is enjoying since their Tank debut in October, which includes more than doubling its business. As a result, they’ve more than tripled staff and doubled production space.

Here’s what else he told us about…

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Growth After the ‘Tank’

Since airing on Shark Tank we have more than doubled our business as well as opened many different partnerships and relationships with wholesalers and distributors.

Daymond’s Support

Daymond and his team have been amazing to work with. We knew he was going to be an amazing partner but didn’t expect him to always be looking out for our best interests. He has proven to be a fair and great business partner.

New Products

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Since airing, we launched our wood-brimmed fedoras. In about two months we will be releasing our newest line of fabric bow ties and ties.

Advice for Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

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Practice, Practice, Practice! Know the answer to every possible question they could ask you in the Tank and be prepared to give that answer. So many businesses don’t practice for the hard questions. You need to know where you business could be viewed as weak and have an answer for why you don’t believe it is.

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