WATCH: Donald Trump Rally Interrupted by Protesters Holding Pocket Constitutions

A Donald Trump rally in Maine this afternoon was interrupted when a group of protesters held up pocket constitutions and were escorted out of the venue.

As the protesters held up the constitutions, Trump told them that they could “do whatever you want,” but the audience began to boo as they noticed what was happening. A “USA” chant quickly began and the protesters were removed.

Trump attempted to get his speech back on track, but less than a minute later, he was stopped by more protesters, one of whom was apparently blowing a whistle. Trump smiled while the protesters were taken away.

“Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that amazing,” Trump said. “Sort of rude, you know, when you think of it. And what are we looking for? …We’re looking at the same things, sort of. You want to have a good life, you want safety. And then we have people interrupting constantly.”

Trump went on to say, though, that there have not been as many protesters at recent rallies. His events have indeed been interrupted far less often over the past few weeks, and Trump frequently jokes that he misses his protesters.

It did not stop there. A third protester later called out when Trump began talking about terrorism, being drowned out by boos from the audience.

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