Where Can You Buy Crystal Pepsi?

crystal pepsi


Crystal Pepsi is being officially released today in the United States, but where can you get it? Some people have already reported finding it in different locations this past week. If you want to be one of the first to get this nostalgic drink, we have some tips.

Here’s what you need to know.

Crystal Pepsi was originally launched in 1993 and now it’s being relaunched for a limited time. It was released in Canada on July 7 and its official release in the United States is today. Where can you get it?

First, check out Pepsi’s product locator (it’s online here.) Click on “Carbonated Soft Drinks” and then scroll down to “Crystal Pepsi.” It’s not in alphabetical order, so you’ll have to look a little farther down the list than you expect. Next click “Crystal Pepsi” again under Product Brand. You’ll be asked to enter your ZIP Code. You should be told if any Crystal Pepsi is being sold in your region.

According to Pepsi, the Crystal Pepsi drink will be available at “major retailers.” But we’ve heard a few specific locations that we’re sharing below. Of course, there are far more locations where you can buy from than just these, but these may give you a good idea of where to start:

  • Try your local grocery store. This seems obvious, but it may just be in the regular soda section and not on a special display. Not every store is making a big deal out of it. However, other stores are taking a completely different approach and selling it in special displays and not stocking it with the other sodas at all.
  • People have reported seeing it at Kroger stores, a ShopRite, some Target locations, and some even found it in hospital cafeterias.
  • Some Speedway locations had them early.
  • A Walmart supercenter (in the midwest) had Crystal Pepsi in a special display, not the soda aisle, between the clothing and food sections. Others have reported finding the drink at Walmart before the official release.
  • One of the earliest Crystal Pepsi reports was at a 99 Cent Only store in a cooler and at the register. Dollar stores are sometimes testing locations for new products.

People who’ve had the Crystal Pepsi are sharing mixed reviews. Some love it, some say it tastes just like Pepsi, and some think it tastes a little more “sugary.” While you’re enjoying a cold glass of Crystal Pepsi, enjoy this Crystal Pepsi launch ad from when it was first released in 1993: