WATCH: Charlotte Riots Man Attacked in Parking Garage Beating Video [GRAPHIC]

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A man was attacked, beaten and dragged by a group of men in a parking garage during the Charlotte riots on September 21.

Some people on Facebook, where the video was originally shared, said it was a racial attack, with the victim appearing to be white and the attackers African-American. They said the man was begging for mercy, but he can’t be heard on the video. It appears one of the attackers pulls the man’s pants off in the video.

Watch the video by Lenard Bennett: (warning, graphic)

The video has been viewed more than 1.2 million times on Facebook, where it was first shared by a man named Lenard Bennett, who wrote in the post, “This is beyond wrong smh praying for my city? #Charlotte.” He says on Facebook that he’s a professional photographer who lives in Charlotte.

Bennett wrote on Facebook, “It’s ok to peaceful protest but when you start looting, beating up innocent people because of race, and tearing up the city you live in NOW that’s a real issue!”

Bennett also posted a series of photographs of property damage to businesses, a bus, squad cars, and another vehicle, on Facebook.

Charlotte exploded into a second night of rioting on September 21, when the video was taken. Altogether, in two days of rioting, at least 20 police officers have been injured, and one demonstrator, Justin Carr, was shot and killed. The city is considering a curfew, according to ABC News.

Read about Justin Carr, the demonstrator killed in the crowd, here:

The riots ignited over the police shooting death of a black man, Keith Lamont Scott, by Officer Brentley Vinson, who is also African-American. Police say Scott was armed with a gun and refused commands to drop it, and they dispute claims on social media that he had a book.

In other violence on Wednesday night, a demonstrator was shot and critically injured. He remains on life support. You can watch a video of that scene here:

And see photos:

Not every video was negative: