Bernie Supporters Angered Debbie Wasserman Schultz Spoke at Clinton’s Rally

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz spoke at Hillary Clinton’s rally in Coral Springs, Florida, today, leading some voters to wonder if that was really a good idea after how close Clinton’s currently polling with Donald Trump. You can see a video of Wasserman Schultz’s short introduction for Clinton above. “Let’s get this place wound up,” Wasserman Schultz told the crowd. “I want to hear my people down here… I know you have a little more adrenaline than I’m feeling in this room right now, don’t you?”

DWS’ History with Bernie Supporters May Have Made Her Inclusion a Bad Idea

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) has a very negative history with Bernie Sanders supporters, who may hold the key to whether or not Clinton is ultimately able to beat Trump in the general election. Wasserman Schultz had to resign as chair of the Democratic National Committee in July, after DNC emails leaked by Wikileaks revealed that she and other party officials had worked to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign during the primaries. The Democratic National Committee is supposed to stay neutral during the primary and not support any one candidate over another. The actions of Wasserman Schultz and other party officials played a role in creating a deep divide between many Sanders supporters and Clinton supporters. Sanders himself has endorsed Clinton and is encouraging his supporters to vote for her. However, his wife Jane Sanders recently retweeted a video where Bernie shared that Clinton would have to win his voters over and he couldn’t just snap his fingers and tell them who to vote for.

Many Sanders supporters say that Clinton’s actively supporting Wasserman Schultz after everything that has happened is definitely not winning them over to Clinton’s candidacy. In fact, actions like these and others have caused many of them to turn to third-party candidate Jill Stein. Some are also voting for Gary Johnson and some for Donald Trump.

Daniel Clark, who was a national delegate for Bernie Sanders at the DNC, was very angered by what happened at the Convention and is now a fervent Jill Stein supporter. He helped arrange one of Stein’s rallies in Iowa. He told Heavy this about Wasserman Schultz speaking at Clinton’s rally:

I think that Clinton taking DWS into her campaign after all that the Wikileaks revealed just shows her true character. I supported and will continue to support the true Democrat, who should have won that race, Tim Canova.”

Elizabeth Madison was a  Bernie Sanders “super volunteer” who trained and educated delegates on what to do at the DNC. She previously spoke to Heavy about her experiences at the DNC in this story. She had a lot to say to Heavy about Wasserman Schultz being included in Clinton’s rally, and Clinton’s ongoing support of DWS.

“I can’t comment about a private political party called the Democratic National Committee and the unethical employees that they choose to run and be the face of their party and business,” she said, while giving Heavy full permission to share everything she commented. “I do believe that it speaks volume to the levels of corruption that Sec. Clinton can turn her back on and pretend to not be a part of.”

She added:

If Sec. Clinton is trying to earn Sanders’ supporters’ vote, I do not think that this is the proper manner in which to do so. Although I am a member of that party, I am only so in name, as I witnessed a biased Democrat primary election in which Debbie Wasserman Schultz played favoritism.”

Madison said: “DWS sided with HRC (the weakest Democratic Presidential Candidate since Michael Dukakis) from debate schedules, to interviews, to Town Halls, and ran all the way until the DNC Convention concluded.” Madison added that she was mentioning Dukakis because the DNC ran Michael Dukakis in 1988 against George Bush Sr. “My analogy was used specifically to point out the dangerous game that the DNC, DWS and HRC are playing.”

Madison continued:

“I was there in Philadelphia as a filmed-for-TV movie spectacle was filmed about the peace and harmony of a political party that is ripped at the seams. Two days prior to the beginning of the DNC Convention, Wiki Leaks dropped a Bomb Shell that proved to the entire world that yes the entire Democratic Primary was rigged against another candidate named Bernard Sanders, Senator from Vermont. On the first day of the DNC Convention they had to remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the Democratic National Committee. In less than an hour’s time of the announcement, Sec. Clinton had already hired her to her staff in order to carry on the same work she had been doing during the primaries…working to get Hillary Clinton elected. So if you are asking me if I am surprised by HRC campaign having Debbie Wasserman Schultz announce her today at the rally I have to ask you, ‘Is this a rhetorical question?'”

Even People Voting for Clinton Are Unhappy with Her Support of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Nick from Los Angeles is a Bernie Sanders supporter, but he also currently plans to support Clinton in the general election. He is very angry about Wasserman Schultz speaking at Clinton’s rally.

He told Heavy: “My idea is that we have a fundraising event where DWS sits in a dunk tank filled with tar instead of water and people donate $100 to Clinton’s campaign for a chance to sink her… Maybe make it $1000 buy in. People would pay.”

Richard Hillary, a Clinton supporter from Austin, told Heavy that he agreed. “Trotting out DWS now, two months after Wikileaks and the convention, seems so ill-considered…” 

Right after the emails leaked, in early August, Clinton showed her support for Wasserman Schultz and even gave her a position as the honorary chair of her campaign’s 50-state program. She told a group of supporters in August that they needed to do everything they could to make sure Wasserman Schultz was elected in her congressional primary against a Sanders’ favorite, Tim Canova. Wasserman Schultz did ultimately end up winning that election.

Clinton’s Support of DWS Is Hurting Her Pull with Sanders’ Supporters

Sanders supporters have been told continually that they need to vote for Clinton and not a third-party candidate because beating Trump is too important. For example, this column in U.S. News & World Report states that a vote for a third-party candidate is simply a vote either for Trump or Clinton, so those votes shouldn’t be made. But third-party supporters disagree, saying that enough votes for a third-party candidate could shake up the system.

Madison had this to say about the vote-shaming she’s heard:

I would also like to go on record that when a candidate loses, it is not the voters who have failed but rather the candidate and their party that has failed its voter base.”

A recent article by The Hill revealed that 57 percent of Americans want a strong third-party. Theoretically, if all those banded together to vote for a third-party candidate, he or she might be able to get enough electoral wins to win or, at the very least, keep anyone from winning the majority and sending the vote to the House.

However, this is a scenario that Clinton is trying to avoid. The Guardian reported on Thursday that Clinton was struggling to win over millennials who are loyal to Sanders, despite Sanders’ appearing with Clinton on the campaign trail. If the reaction from some of his supporters to Wasserman Schultz speaking at Clinton’s rally is any indication, that choice may not be helping Clinton. Here are some reactions on Twitter:

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