Donald Trump on Dr. Oz: Details From Interview Previewed on Twitter

During his interview with Mehmet Oz for Dr. Oz, Donald Trump revealed the results of a recent physical and told the audience that he has high testosterone. The interview will air on Dr. Oz Thursday, but the above preview has already been released and reporters have spoken with members of the audience already.

The episode also included an in-studio exam, where Oz administered a body-mass index test, audience members told Bloomberg. Based on the test, Trump’s BMI is about 30, which the CDC says is considered “overweight.” The attendees told Bloomberg that Trump admitted that he would like to lose between 15 and 20 pounds.

Oz did give Trump a clean bill of health overall. An audience member told Bloomberg that Oz called Trump a dream patient for someone who is 70 years old. However, Trump said he has high cholesterol and likes fast food. He said he struggles to find the time to exercise. He also said that he has high testosterone.

The exam results Trump handed Oz were from a physical performed by Dr. Harold Bornstein, the author of the infamous letter about how Trump would “be the Healthiest Individual Ever Elected to the Presidency.”

Politico’s Eli Stokols tweeted that he was told by the audience that he might weigh 267 pounds, not 230.

The Trump campaign tried to retain some suspense over the Dr. Oz segment by saying that Trump would not show Oz the results of the exam. During the taping though, Trump pulled the papers out of his pocket and presented them to Oz. CNN reports that the campaign will share the documents from Bornstein on Thursday, which they did. You can read the complete report below.

The health of the two candidates for president have come under scrutiny in recent days, following Hillary Clinton‘s pneumonia diagnosis, which wasn’t revealed until after she left a 9/11 ceremony early on Sunday. Trump’s Oz segment was scheduled before Clinton’s incident.

Singer Cher was not happy with Trump picking Oz to share his medical information.