WATCH: Donald Trump Laughed at by Debate Audience for Temperament Claim

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Towards the end of the first presidential debate on Monday night, Donald Trump was laughed at by the audience for saying he has a great temperament.

During a conversation about the Iraq war, Trump suddenly brought up the fact that, in addition to having better judgment than Hillary Clinton, he also has a better temperament. That immediately prompted laughter from the crowd at Hofstra University, making this one of the only times they made any noise during the debate.

Donald Trump went on to say, “I think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. I have a winning temperament.”

When the conversation moved back to Hillary Clinton after Trump’s temperament comment, she paused to take in all of what Trump said before she started talking. This overwhelmed reaction from Clinton also provoked laughter.

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly attacked Donald Trump by saying his temperament is dangerous. Since that attack began, Trump has started asserting that he has the best temperament. The debate comment became the most talked about moment of the night on social media, according to The Washington Post. But Monday was far from the first time Trump has used this line.

“I have one of the great temperaments,” Trump said back in July, according to Politico. “I have a winning temperament. She has a bad temperament. She’s weak.”

The audience at Hofstra was instructed to not make any noise during the debate. But in addition to this moment of laughter, the crowd also cheered Trump earlier in the night when he attacked Clinton for her email controversy. Lester Holt proceeded to ask those in attendance to remain quiet.

Later, when Clinton responded to Trump’s claim that she does not have enough stamina to be president by pointing to her extensive foreign policy experience, she also was met with applause.

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