Fort Worth Police Officers Shot in Texas: Facts & Updates

Two Fort Worth, Texas police officers were shot on the evening of September 16, although both are still alive, and the suspect died after being cornered in a shed.

Injured officer Ray Azucena gave a thumb’s up as he was released from the hospital.

Fox 4 said the suspect “had shot and killed his father…he then allegedly shot at the officers.”

Fort Worth police said near midnight that one officer was currently out of surgery and one was still in surgery. In the early morning hours of September 17, police wrote on Facebook: “Update on Officers-Both are in stable condition. One is about to be released. Will keep you updated.” The other officer, Xavier Serrano, was shot multiple times in the torso, arms, and shoulder, said The Dallas Morning News.

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Fort Worth police address the media at the hospital. (Facebook/Fort Worth Police)

It was a bloody night for American law enforcement. A few hours later came word that two Philadelphia police officers were also shot on Friday night, with their condition reportedly stable; Philly police said four civilians were also shot, the gunman is dead, and one officer was ambushed in her squad car.

Read more about the Philadelphia situation here. Watch television news reporting from Philadelphia here.

That means that four police officers were shot in two American cities in the span of a few hours.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram said the Texas suspect was inside a shed on the property that police initially responded to after receiving a 911 call; the Dallas Morning News said that, as of 10:30 p.m., police did not know whether the person in the shed was still alive. However, police later confirmed the suspect was dead.

The officers managed to return fire, the newspaper said, adding that the shot officers were expected to survive, and the deceased person was found in a bedroom of the home. The newspaper said one officer had minor injuries, and the other was in serious condition. CBS Local said police had responded to the home before for domestic disputes between a father and son.

However, another reporter said one officer’s condition was more dire:

Others said the officers did not have life-threatening injuries:

One officer was a field training officer, and the other had less than a year on the force and was a probationary officer, according to a Fox 4 reporter.

CBS Local said that one officer was shot in the chest but was wearing a bulletproof vest, and the other officer was shot in the arm; the suspect was described as being in his 40s. KHOU-TV said the officers were fired upon when they approached the shed after finding a dead person in the house.

According to NBCDFW, the officers were rushed to the hospital. WFAA also said the officers were responding to a 911 call of a shooting, and one of the officers was shot multiple times.

NBC said officers were swarming to the scene. CBS Fort Worth also confirmed that two officers were shot.

Fort Worth police thanked well wishers on Twitter for their prayers for the officers. Among those offering prayers was the governor of Texas.

The call came in to the 3800 block of Wharton Drive in Fort Worth, the police department said on Twitter:

The Star Telegram said neighbors were told to evacuate. Fort Worth media captured the scene outside the hospital where the officers were taken:

Others captured videos – albeit fairly dark – of the police response to the scene:

This page will be updated as more details are known.

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