GoodHangups Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Company

GoodHangups entered the Shark Tank in Season 8 to pitch a neat and damage-free solution to hanging artwork on walls. Mom and entrepreneur Leslie Pierson created the company, which can be found on Amazon, in Paper Source stores and 50 independent shops, in 2015. As for the future, she said, “We’d love to see GoodHangups in Michaels, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, CVS, Office Depot, Staples and any other store that sells frames or photo related products”

Here’s what else she told us about…

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How the Idea Came to Be

The idea for GoodHangups came from a simple desire to create order from chaos. My 6-year-old son is creative, and making art is his passion. Like any good mom, I hated the idea of throwing his masterpieces away, but was growing frustrated with the mess they created on my refrigerator and the damage that tape and tacks did to my walls. Inspiration arrived. What if I could use magnets to hang his works of art on any wall in my house? I came up with the idea of removable and reusable GoodHangups MagnaStickers. We could change the pictures as often as he wanted, and I could move the MagnaStickers where I wanted without putting holes in my walls or peeling off paint. GoodHangups was born. My son now has an entire wall where he can proudly display his art and I have my fridge back for grocery and honey-do lists. Although we sometimes use GoodHangups to post those lists right on the front door. Even better, after extensive testing, I’ve found that GoodHangups adhere to almost any surface, even plaster and brick!

How Lori Inspired Her to Go to a NYC Casting Call

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(ABC/Eric McCandless)

I had been thinking about going to a Shark Tank open casting call in New York City the week after I was going to be on QVC but I wasn’t sure about it. Then, as luck would have it, I happened to be on right before Lori Greiner on QVC and I got a chance to watch her work and it was inspiring. She was on with Phone Soap and The Simply Fit Board and I was blown away. By that time I’d been on QVC a few times but she operates at a whole other level. Right there I decided that I would go to the open casting call the following week in New York City and within two months I was standing face to face with the Sharks.

Her Experience With Kickstarter

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It was amazing. Kickstarter is an amazing platform to do market testing. I wanted to know if this was a compelling product before I spent a ton of time and money making it and Kickstarter was the perfect way to do that. We learned so much and were able fix some of the confusing points in our messaging and product offering before we had actually launched the product. I think I will always use Kickstarter as a market test for any new product!

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Partnership with QVC

In October of 2015, GoodHangups was selected to compete in Today’s Next Big Thing competition, a collaboration between QVC and NBC’s Today Show to find the latest and greatest new consumer products and we won. As part of winning, we went over to QVC the next day and had an amazing experience. We sold out of the initial shipment just in the teaser up to the product and then sold out of the product within six minutes and had a huge back order. Since then, GoodHangups has been on over seven times and we have been so thrilled with working with QVC.

The Future of the Business

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I’m passionate about solving everyday problems through design so definitely, there will be more products in the future. We have a ton of work to do to grow GoodHangups but part of our time is always working on the next thing. Stay tuned for more to come from GoodHangups.

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