Hillary Clinton’s Charlotte, North Carolina Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton held a rally today in Charlotte, North Carolina before heading out to speak at the National Baptist Convention. Her Charlotte rally was held at the Jack S. Brayboy Gymnasium. During the rally, which started about an hour late, she discussed her security and military policy and leveled more scathing statements against Donald Trump. Click through the gallery to see photos from her rally and stories about what happened. (Getty)




Typical bullshit photos – won’t pan out to show how empty this HS gym was. Trump fills Charlotte Arena morons.


Plan trouble my ASS, she had the coughing sickness again and couldn’t talk, so they delayed the plane. There was a video where she was coughing so bad, she couldn’t even talk to interviewers on plane. pappy450 Tiger • 2 hours ago

Note: TO AMERICA!! I picked this up from another site, just passing in on.

You have to watch out for the new “operating system” (windows 10) It has a “back door” so the “government” can see (and hear) what you are up to. It has also been proven that IF you have a camera or Mike, they can also be “turned on” without your computer being active. THAT is why even the “big shots” like (Bill gates) have tape over their camera lens and microphones when they shut down at night. I have windows 7 and NO mikes or camera. WONDERFUL country we live in HUH?
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Tiger pappy450 • an hour ago
No camera or mic on my computer either but as far as Big Brother having my number they got it. My entire military folder, my DNA and all I have written for papers, said on Talk Radio and at speeches.

I change my hair color often.
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pappy450 Tiger • 29 minutes ago
I have made MANY comments on these sites, so I am probably in the “crosshairs” also.
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Chandler pappy450 • an hour ago
I do not know how true it is:
But nothing about the Obama or Clinton regime would or should surprise anyone that is not dead.
Oh yea, there are some that will call you a conspirator you can count on that. But most that pay attention to details know it is quite possible.

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