Top 10 Best Hillary Clinton Quotes from the Presidential Debate

clinton debate quotes


Tonight was the very first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton had a lot of sharp-witted jabs and impressive things to say as she faced off in the presidential debate.

Read on for Clinton’s top 10 best quotes from the first presidential debate of 2016.

“Oh Donald I know you live in your own reality, but that is not the facts…”

“You’ve gotta ask yourself, why won’t he release his tax returns? First, maybe he’s not as rich as he says he is. Second, maybe he’s not as charitable as he claims to be. … It must be something terrible he’s trying to hide… I think the question is, were he ever to get near the White House, what would be those conflicts? Who does he owe money to? Well he owes you the answers to that.”

“Your campaign manager said you built a lot of businesses on the backs of little guys… I have met a lot of the people who were stiffed by you and your businesses, Donald… I can only say that I’m relieved my late father never did business for you…”

“I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police… Too many of us jump to conclusions about each other… We need all of us to be asking hard questions about why am I feeling this way…”

“Donald tried to put the whole racist, birther lie to bed. But it can’t be dismissed that easily…”

“There’s no doubt now that Russia has used cyber attacks against all kinds of organizations in our country… I know Donald’s very praiseworthy of Vladimir Putin, but Putin is playing a very tough long game here…”

“I hope the fact checkers are turning up the volume and really working hard.”

“A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes.”

“As soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease fire… Or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina.”

“He tried to switch from looks to stamina… But this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. Someone who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers, women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men… ”

And one more bonus quote: 

“I support our democracy… I know Donald’s trying very hard to plant doubts about it, but I hope the people out there understand this election’s really about you and the kind of country & future you want.”