Islam Karimov Cause of Death: How Did the Uzbekistan Strongman Die?

islam karimov

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) talks to his Uzbek counterpart Islam Karimov during a signing ceremony following their meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow on April 26, (Getty)

The president of Uzbekistan has died after ruling his country with an iron first for more than two decades, confirmed BBC.

BBC says Islam Karimov was one of the world’s “most authoritarian” leaders. The Wall Street Journal said he ruled Uzbekistan for 25 years both before and after the country achieved independence from Communism.

So how did he die?

The official cause of death was a stroke, said The New York Times.

The Washington Post says his death was announced Friday, September 2 and called him a “Communist Party apparatchik” who turned Uzbekistan “into a brutal personal fiefdom.”

The New York Times says he was 78 and ruled his country “ruthlessly.”

His daughter, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, had posted on Instagram a few days before that he had suffered a brain hemorrhage.

On Instagram, she wrote, “I would like to write here about the sad events that befell our family last weekend. My father was hospitalized after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage on Saturday morning, and is now receiving treatment in an intensive care unti. His conditionis considered stable. At the moment it is too early to make any predictions about his future health. My only request to everyone is to refrain from any speculation, and show respect to our family’s right to privacy. I will be grateful to everyone who will support my father with prayers.”

His daughter has also posted family photos on Instagram:

The Wall Street Journal also said Karimov was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage.




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