WATCH: Keith Lamont Scott Charlotte Police Shooting Video

***WARNING: Extremely Graphic Footage***

Charlotte police bodycam video of Keith Lamont Scott shootingTO WATCH DASHCAM VIDEO that shows the shooting, go to The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released body-worn camera and dash-cam footage from the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, who was shot dead by police on Tuesday. Police say Scott was armed with a handgun. His family disputes that. (VIDEO: BNO NEWS/CMPD)2016-09-24T22:34:15.000Z

As promised, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released the official footage of Keith Lamont Scott’s shooting.

Chief Kerr Putney released the clip after a press conference on September 24. The chief had earlier said that there was a police bodycam and dashcam that had captured the shooting. During his press conference on the day the video was released, Putney reiterated that the official video doesn’t definitively prove if Scott had a gun or not. According to the Charlotte police, Scott had a gun in an ankle holster and refused to drop it. A statement added that Scott’s fingerprints and DNA were on the weapon. That release adds that the gun was loaded.

One day previously, Scott’s wife, Rakeyia Scott, released her cellphone video of the shooting. She can be heard commenting on the officer’s behavior in the official video. Within a minute of the shots being fired, officers can be heard asking for First Aid kits.

In addition to the new video, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department also released these photos:

That video did not show if Keith Scott had a gun or not, Rakeyia maintains in the clip that he does not. The Associated Press reports that the Scott family released the video “as part of their quest for truth.” The family’s attorney, Charles Monnett, said in a statement that the Scott family are keeping up the pressure on Charlotte authorities to release all videos of the incident. That request is being made “so that people can draw their own conclusions.”

VideoVideo related to watch: keith lamont scott charlotte police shooting video2016-09-24T18:36:04-04:00

WSOC-TV reports police sources telling them that a loaded gun was found at the scene with Keith Scott’s fingerprints on it.

Rakeyia Scott Keith Scott Shooting

Rakeyia and Keith Scott. (Facebook)

While another family attorney, Justin Bamberg, told the New York Times that the video gives “another vantage point.” The Times reports that Keith Scott was waiting for his son in a parking space in their apartment complex. His wife had come out to give him a cellphone charger when she began filming.

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