Lawrence ‘Larry’ Nassar: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

larry nassar mugshot

Larry Nassar.

The former team physician for USA Gymnastics, who worked with female athletes during four Olympic games, has been accused of sexual abuse by more than 50 women.

Dr. Lawrence G. Nassar is facing accusations criminal sexual assault in Michigan and civil allegations in California court, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Along with three counts of sexual assault in Michigan state court, he is facing federal child pornography charges. He is also facing dozens of civil lawsuits.

The 53-year-old Michigan resident was a faculty member at Michigan State University, a team physician for a local youth gymnastics club and the president of the Gymnastics Doctor Autism Foundation, which helps gymnastics clubs start programs for children with special needs, according to his website.

Larry Nassar, through his attorney, Matthew Borgula, told the Indy Star he “emphatically” denies any wrongdoing.

USA Gymnastics issued a statement to the newspaper after being contacted about the allegations.

“Dr. Nassar is no longer affiliated with USA Gymnastics. Upon learning of athlete concerns, USA Gymnastics immediately notified law enforcement,” the statement said. “Since then, we have cooperated fully with the law enforcement agency, including refraining from making further statements or taking any other action that might interfere with the agency’s investigation. We are grateful to the athletes for coming forward to share their concerns.”

Nassar is currently facing criminal charges in both Michigan state court and in federal court.

The Holt, Michigan, resident was first arrested in November 2016, on three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a person younger than 13, the Indianapolis Star reported. He faces up to life in prison on those charges, which accuse Nassar of sexually abusing a girl at his home from 1998 to 2005. State authorities are investigating dozens of other criminal complaints made against the doctor.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said at a press conference the charges are the “tip of the iceberg” and “the guy was a predator … we’ll get the conviction.”

Nassar was released on $1 million bail in the state case, but found himself back behind bars in December 2016 after a two-count federal indictment was filed against him, accusing him of possessing thousands of images of child pornography from 2003 to September 2016,

He remains in custody on those charges, which carry a minimum of five years in prison and up to 40 years if convicted.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. One of the Victims Accuses Nassar of Sexually Assaulting Her When She Was 15

larry nassar

Larry Nassar. (Facebook)

Rachael Denhollander told the Indianapolis Star she filed a criminal complaint against Dr. Larry Nassar in August with the Michigan State University Police. In the complaint, Denhollander accuses Nassar of sexually assaulting her when she was 15 and was taking part in club gymnastics in Michigan.

“Over the last 16 years, I’ve realized I have a responsibility, and the question about whether or not to speak publicly cannot center around what’s easy for me,” Denhollander, now 31 and living in Kentucky, told the Indy Star. “This isn’t something I want to do.”

Denhollander accuses Nassar of sexually assaulting her during six treatments for lower back pain. She told police he penetrated her vagina and anus with his finger and thumb and unhooked her bra and massaged her breasts, according to the Indy Star. She said he did it while her mother was in the room, but position her in a way that she couldn’t see.

“I was terrified. I was ashamed. I was very embarrassed. And I was very confused, trying to reconcile what was happening with the person he was supposed to be,” she told the newspaper. “He’s this famous doctor. He’s trusted by my friends. He’s trusted by these other gymnasts. How could he reach this position in the medical profession, how could he reach this kind of prominence and stature if this is who he is?”

She said she initially thought it was her fault.

Denhollander said she talked about the sexual abuse with her future husband when they were dating, several years after it happened. She told him she felt “dirty” and “damaged” because of it. Denhollander told the Indy Star she is worried she will have to testify in court if the case goes to trial, but said if she doesn’t do that, “he can continue.”

2. An Olympic Medalist Accuses Nassar of Fondling Her for His ‘Own Sexual Gratification’ & Says He Talked to Her About Sex

larry nassar


In addition to the August criminal complaint, a civil lawsuit was filed against Lawrence Nassar on September 8 in California. The lawsuit was filed under a pseudonym, Jane Doe, in Sacramento County court by attorney John Manly. You can read the full complaint, obtained by the Indianapolis Star, here.

Jane Doe is an Olympic medalist who claims she was sexually assaulted by Nassar from 1994 to 2000, from when she was 12 or 13 until she was 18. She is also suing USA Gymnastics and three of its past presidents, according to the Indianapolis Star. The lawsuit claims the organization was warned about Nassar and did not adequately address concerns about him.

In the lawsuit she accuses Nassar of “groping and fondling” her “vagina and anus.”

The lawsuit claims Nassar began “grooming” her in 1994 “under the guise of care, athletic training, osteopathy and kinesiology to normalize intimate, inappropriate and sexually abusive contact.”

She accuses Nassar of fondling and groping her “feet, ankles, thighs, buttocks, hips, waist, breast, arms, shoulders and neck” while claiming it was part of the treatment.

During later treatments, Jane Doe says Nassar performed “intravaginal adjustment,” which she claims was a fictitious guise where he would “penetrate” her vagina to adjust the bones in her hips:

This ‘intravaginal adjustment’ was done without gloves, lubricant and/or a chaperone,” and was done for (Nassar’s) own sexual gratification … In addition, (Jane Doe) is informed and believes (Nassar) would do anal and vaginal examinations of (Jane Doe) and other gymnasts. … These anal and vaginal examinations were well outside any recognized and/or accepted technique and were done for (Nassar’s) own sexual gratification.

Jane Doe also claims Nassar engaged in sexual talk and innuendo, openly discussing adult topics.

“(Nassar) would tell (Jane Doe) that other gymnasts would give ‘blowjobs’ and described in detail the process of oral sex and other bizarre, explicit sexual innuendo,” according to the lawsuit.

3. He Resigned From His Position With Team USA in 2015 & Has Been Fired by Michigan State

larry nassar


Nassar resigned from his position with USA Gymnastics in 2015, after previously saying he planned to stay with the team through the Rio Olympics, the Indianapolis Star reports.

His attorney told the newspaper the resignation was not because of the sexual assault allegations, but did say USA Gymnastics notified him of “potentially criminal allegations prior to his resignation.”

In a Facebook post in September 2015, Nassar wrote, “After 29 years on the USA Gymnastics Women’s Artistic National Team Staff, it has come time for me to retire. It has been a wonderful time for me and appreciate how much it has enhanced my life.”

Nassar was fired from his position at Michigan State University in September. ” The university has also launched a Title IX investigation.

According to his biography on the school’s website, Nassar completed his medical degree at Michigan State in 1993, and began a family practice residency at St. Lawrence Hospital. He then began a primary care sports medicine fellowship at Michigan State in 1997.

Nassar joined the USA Gymnastics National Team medical staff in 1986, and became the team physician in 1996, coordinating medical care for USA Gymnastics at all national and international competitions. He has received several awards for his work with the gymnastics organization.

He has also worked as a physician at Michigan State, with the women’s gymnastics and crew teams, and with the local Gedderts’ Twistars Gymnastics Club.

“He’s an extremely professional physician,” John Geddert, who was the 2012 Olympic team head coach and is owner of Twistars Gymnastics, told the Indianapolis Star. “Very competent and goes above and beyond the call of duty in treating athletes. He’s probably one of the most respected gymnastics professionals I’ve ever had to deal with.”

4. He Sells Educational DVDs for Gymnasts & Has Posted Several Videos on Youtube Demonstrating His Techniques

Nassar also sells educational DVDs for gymnasts on his website,

“The purpose of this website is to offer educational DVDs on the rehabilitation and conditioning needs of gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers,” the website says. “There is also information about a variety of common injuries, how to tape injuries, and how to manipulate body parts to enhance injury recovery.”

Nassar has also posted several instructional videos demonstrating his techniques on his Youtube channel.

His last video was posted in July.

5. Nassar Is Married With 3 Daughters, Has Worked as a Physician at a Local High School & Is Running for the School Board

larry nassar

Larry Nassar with his wife. (Facebook)

Nassar lives in Holt, Michigan, and is married with three daughters, according to his website.

He has worked as a team physician at Holt High School.

Nassar is also a candidate for the local school board, according to his Facebook page.

He says he moved to Holt in 1996 with his wife to raise his family.

“We are strong believers in public education. For the last twenty years, I have served as the volunteer team physician for Holt Athletics and continue to love working with our coaches and athletes,” he wrote on Facebook. “I volunteer my time in this way because I believe that our community is stronger when we are engaged and involved in helping our neighbors.”


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Sick man..don’t forget his wife and daughters are victims too. Poor girls!! God bless them all. Hope he burns in hell and has a terrible time in prison. Sad, very, very sad how he abused his power and oath.


I wonder if hisThank you father was a DR at GM..Dr Nasty.. why not publish this


Nearly 100 women athletes and gymnasts have come forward at this point. The man’s home computer was found to have tens of thousands of sexually explicit child pornography stored. And yet there are ‘women’ responding on this post defending this guy like he’s their husband. That’s the saddest part of all. With sisters like these, who needs male predators?


Dr. Brooke Lemmen removed “several boxes of confidential treatment records” from Michigan State University’s Sports Medicine Clinic at Nassar’s request, according to documents in her personnel file that the Lansing State Journal obtained Friday through the Freedom of Information Act. She also didn’t tell the university in July 2015 that Nassar had told her that USA Gymnastics was investigating him, according to the documents.Serious HIPAA violation. MSU is covering this up.


One factor in Dr. Nassar’s sexual gratification toward girls is just a man’s normal response.
Girls come into his office in tight-fitting stretch “swimming/exercise/body suits” that emphasize the girl’s breasts and genitals.
Another factor in Dr. Nassar’s sexual gratification toward girls is his wife’s condition of her body.
In the photo above, she has the haircut of a lesbian. Her facial features are that of a young boy.
Her long-sleeve, green, pullover shirt looks like it can be worn by a man or woman – plain sloppy and sexually unattractive.
These things can cause a man to look elsewhere for his affections, especially sexual affections.


This comment scares me a little bit. Even if a man feels that way, acting on it is not. I’d rather Dr. Nassar have an affair with a consenting adult than hurt his athletes.


May I point out to you, the “good” doctor is NO prize himself. The only thing that spoke in his favor to attract most women WAS his salary. He violated patient trust in the worst ways. Because of his uncontrolled sexual appetite and behaviors he will lose his license to practice. IF you need that much stimulation Larry, you could have sought out a prostitute and left the little girls alone. Your “adjustments” were nothing but sham medicine. We all know it. Nothing resembling your “practices” even exists in the MD world. Myofacial release, a sham term promoting vaginal, anal and breast violation. Pond scum is too good to describe you Larry.


Looking at those videos – this guy is breaking boundaries with the slightest of touch and with ulterior motives. I wonder how the girls in the video feel / felt working with him, but seems awkward and he is disgusting. You have over 16 people over the past several years with the same complaint (sexual advances) – – that’s no coincidence – that’s wrong. Hope he stays in jail and rots there


Años 90…han pasado muchos años no?…cuanto han esperado estas chicas para revelar lo que señalan…que casualidad no? .


In my last post when I called him a pervert I did mean that I know for sure that he did what the girls are saying but if you look close enough while watching some of his videos perverted creepy moments do occur. In another video while showing the right distance between one of the girls glutes as she stretches he repeatedly gives her bum a backhand light slap type of touch. Moments like that should not be happening. Why does he have to make hand contact on the girls bottoms? He moves these young girls around like they are his puppets.
What is stopping him from telling them to get into positions that are for his own secret perverted desires? He is in a position of power and the young girls follow every word he says.
Even if he didn’t do what the girls are saying creepy stuff is happening in his videos.


You can see in allot of his videos that he is very hands on. He touches the underage girls on their bums and other private areas. In one video he talks about one of the girls thigh muscles and slides his hand up it but does not stop at her shorts he goes further and slides his hand up her shorts. He seems to look for every opportunity to touch the girls. When he tells the girls to keep their bums tight as they stretch he goes out of his way to touch their bums also. He does not have to be so hands on. I can clearly see he is getting pleasure out of this.
In one of the videos he stares at one of the girls bums from the corner of his eyes as she gets off the table. If you look close enough you can see his intentions with his eyes in certain moments. In that interior hip video that is posted on vice you can see that he clearly puts his hands and fingers on the underage girls vagina. Why does he have to be so hands on with the young girls in his videos? Why does he have to touch the young girls vagina as he mentions her pubic bone? Allot of what he is doing is creepy to close for comfort hands on touching but he thinks he can get away with it in the name of gymnastic doctor treatment. He could of gotten the point across by hovering his hand over certain areas but instead he feels the need to touch every area that he talks about. When he is holding the camera and filming he sure likes to get views that look pretty creepy. Sure he is talking up a storm with detailed info on gymnastic treatments but what I see is him using this to hide out and touch underage girls in area’s his hands should never be. Some of the girls faces showed a sign of looking uneasy like something did not feel right at certain moments when they were touched. My feeling after watching his videos is that he is a pervert.

Helen cicalese

I have met Larry and he saved my daughters gymnastics career .i don’t believe a word and he did some pretty crazy manipulating on her with me in the room I also taped him doing so to bring to doctor locally.

Taylor Marlie

I personally think we should all shut up about who or what is credible and that Dr. Nassau is “this or that kind of man.” Just bc he was accused doesn’t mean it’s true, but also, just bc he didn’t personally molest you or your daughter doesn’t mean he didn’t do it to someone else. Of course he’s not going to molest every gymnast on earth.


All kinds of men !!! , so it is funny to read from his character … , and on the contrary not the first possible married one. I do not know for there , but here in a beauty institute , massages to women are done by womennto avoid anything bad below and higher in some heads. We are different , this is how the world was done unfortunately and those who can give birth are annoyed from the very young age. Good luck to those women from the other side of the ocean . Very few would lie about this and to few are punished correctly even if it is proven.


This article’s credibility is in question when one of the main points says “3 daughters,” followed by a link pointing to the names of two daughters and one son. Sloppy journalism. More reason to question your sources before jumping to conclusions.

Denise P

Lawyers digging to get more plaintiffs on a class action suit results in people trying to join a payday. Surprising? Not really. Why are there two so long after the alleged crimes? Lawyers.


it’s not about the lawyers – it’s about the victims and the truth and what happened. Stay focused, and get to the truth. 16+ women coming forward – – that’s not a Salem witch hunt, that’s a movement of the truth.


You have no right to judge what Rachel has went through. He did the same things to me while my mother was right next to me, but we were young. It was embarassing. And we also thought he knew what he was doing. I haven’t made a complaint against him, but believe me his actions have haunted me since it happend in 2000, After comparing the other girls experiences to mine, I immediately knew he wasn’t doing what he was supppose to be doing. We all thought he “knew what he was doing” and only the victims know what I’m talking about. Also being 11 years old, having something like that being experienced is humilating. But I am sure most of us are not in it for the money.


What bothers me about this is we are talking about TWO different girls, FROM two different time frames. That alone makes their credibility go up greatly. One girl, get more evidence. two girls, dig a LOT deeper! Just saying..from a 30+ year veteran street cop.


Not really. Of all the girls whose mothers let a doctor stick his hand up their vaginas, a few will make stories up about it with time.

The guy is innocent until proven otherwise. There are many therapists doing the same thing right now – they have a name for it. So it is OK for them to do? This chick just wants to play the victim. It’s possible her husband noticed that her hymen was busted and she said she was a virgin so she had to come up with something. Just like the Virgin Mary never got laid but had a baby. Of course she denied getting laid. But babies don’t happen by magic.


You need to check you facts. Dr Nassar is a devoted father of 2 daughters and 1 son.
Also someone needs to look into Steve Penny as Dr Nassar has been challenging him for the past 3 years on some of his shady deals with sponsors. It wouldn’t be beyond him to somehow coerced these false allegations to get back at him.

Marta Karolyi should be able to collaborate that Dr Nassar was going to retire after the 2012 Olympics and she urged him to stay even if he didn’t actually go to the 2016 Olympics. Also that she consulted him during g the 2016 olympics.

Denise P

Rachel Dennhollander is not credible. What 15 year old would sit perfectly still while a man inserted a finger in her vagina with her mother just feet away? And the part about telling her fiancé she was damaged is right out of a Lifetime movie. Let’s keep our minds open while we wait for a truth-teller.


Nice rape apology! Of course you know what happened so I totally trust your anal-y-sis of this story, you pulled it straight from your ass.


agreed Denise. As a member of the USA gymnastics community for the past two decades, I know Mr. Nassar personally and I can vouch for his character. Larry was never the type to do anything like this — he was always so helpful and conscientious of his athletes. I do not believe this story for one second. USAG is a multi-million dollar organization that would have to cough up quite a bit if this case went through & I think that’s the real motivation behind all of this. I feel deeply for Larry and everything he has to go through because of this. His reputation and his livelihood are being stripped from him because of a money-motivated false accusation. So so upsetting.


I agree with you Taylor. I would like to see the reporter talking to the mother of the gymnast. She was there with her she knew how doctor was going to help her daughter and she agreed to this so what is the problem now. Why she didn’t explain her daughter about the treatment ? The pain was gone after the treatment it was Ok but there is no other way to do this treatment. The mother and daughter were told and explained about the treatment. All people adding comments have to take a look at anatomy to know this. He is wonderful doctor and it is so upsetting that 2 grown up women is doing this to him after 16 years !!! Why now ?


Taylor, 60 women have filed complaints with police. They found inappropriate images on his computer. He even secretly filmed these “pelvic procedures” with a Go Pro. Are you saying that all these women, the police and images are lying? Supposedly this procedure is very rare, so why was he doing it on almost every gymnast for years?


You have no right to judge what Rachel has went through. He did the same things to me while my mother was right next to me, but we were young. It was embarassing. And we also thought he knew what he was doing.


Hey Judah, aka shitface, it sounds like I’m upsetting you? I sure hope that ain’t the case. :-) BTW, have I mentioned, that you sure sound extremely bitter, about being born a Black.


If he’s a cracker what does that make you? If I may ask? Oh that’s right if I told you what that makes you I would be a racist. Your a hypocrite, and a moron.


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