Penn Station Shooting/NYPD Meat Cleaver Attack: Videos & Photos

A New York police officer was attacked and injured by a man with a meat cleaver and other police officers then shot the man 18 times as rush hour began near busy Penn Station, according to NBC News.

CBS New York said the attack occurred around 5 p.m. on 32nd Street and Seventh Avenue “after the officer and his partner were called to the scene for a report of a man with a meat cleaver.” The bizarre attack sparked panic in the busy commuter area as gunfire broke out.

The suspect was identified as Akram Joudeh, 32, formerly of Queens but now reportedly living out of his car. “You have a character running down the street waving a meat cleaver,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said, according to The New York Post.

The New York Post said the suspect’s car was booted, which upset him. A sergeant tasered the man, a struggle unfolded, and an off-duty detective intervened and was struck with the meat cleaver, said The Post.

The detective was released from the hospital on September 16:

The suspect was identified by New York media as Akram Joudeh:

One woman caught the police response on video and wrote, “Total insanity here near Penn Station/Greeley Square.” Scanner traffic reported that the suspect was likely to die, and two officers were injured, one with a head laceration and another with a bullet graze wound. Other reports, though, said the suspect was expected to live.

The New York Post said other officers shot the man with the meat cleaver after he attacked a rookie officer.

Photos also captured the police response:

Others also captured the frenzied scene on video. One man said Penn Station and West 32nd Street were on lockdown. He wrote on Twitter that he heard eight to nine shots and saw three people taken away by ambulance.

The shooting occurred near Madison Square Garden. One man heard shots from his hotel and another man said he heard shots from his office building.

The officer’s condition was serious, but he was expected to survive, and the suspect was listed in critical condition on September 15, said NYPD.

People said helicopters were overhead.

The incident occurred as evening rush hour began, increasing the pandemonium.

penn station shooting

New York City Police gather at the scene. (Getty)

Learn more about the suspect in the attack here:

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