Rose Medical Center Denver Active Shooter: What’s Happening?

There were reports of an active shooter at Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado on September 16 and police were searching the building but had found no evidence of a gunman.

Denver police confirmed on Twitter that they were searching the medical center, but they said they had found no victims or injuries at this time. KMGH said hospital officials were treating the situation as an active shooter.

Denver police did release a suspect description:

At 6:15 p.m. central time, Denver police urged people to take shelter:

Denver TV said a veterans affairs center as well as Rose Medical Center were both on lockdown. Fox31 said there was a report of shots fired, but it wasn’t clear whether shots were actually fired. Fox31 said police were taking no chances, however.

One man posted on Twitter that he was sitting in the veterans’ center lobby and heard up to 40 shots. This report was not confirmed, however.

Denver 7 television station said police had responded to a report of shots being heard and added that “all inbound traffic to Rose Medical Center is closed.”

The Denver Post said the hospital was on a “code silver” lockdown. The Post said the hospital was ordering its patients and staff to take shelter, and that police were responding, but there was no confirmation there actually was an active shooter at this point.

Information was early and unfolding by the minute. Photos showed officers on the roof of the building and a massive police response.

You can watch live Denver news coverage here.

CBS Denver was broadcasting live on Facebook: