SpaceX Trip to Mars: Photos of the Interplanetary Transport System

Today, Elon Music revealed his plan to colonize Mars using a new Interplanetary Transport System that's in development. He shared a video that visualizes exactly what the spacecraft will look like, based on CAD models. He plans to build a fleet of these spacecraft and send them to Mars as a group, eventually creating a self-sustaining colony. This is one of Musk's most ambitious plans yet.

Right now they have a constrained budget. But Musk said the first development spaceship will, hopefully, be completed in four years, with the ability to go into orbit. The booster part, he shared, is a scaling up of their current Falcon 9 booster. He said that perhaps a 10-year timeline is a good goal for the project, but it involves a lot of risk so it's unclear exactly what the timeline will be. Dragon 2 will be sent to Mars in a couple years, he said, to help continue keeping the process moving forward. Click through the gallery to see photos from his press conference and video today, along with more information about this amazing plan for humanity's future. (SpaceX/Elon Musk)

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