Townville Elementary School Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Townville Elementary School Shooting

(Screengrab via WYFF)

Multiple people have been injured in a shooting that took place at a rural South Carolina elementary school. An emergency situation unfolded at Townville Elementary School on the afternoon of September 28. Townville is 40 miles southwest of Greenville. The incident was initially described as a “security incident” by authorities. The school is located at 105 State Road S-4-565 in Townville, Anderson County, not far from the Georgia border. Authorities received a call about the shooting at 1:44 p.m. The call was for an “active shooter” at the school.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Suspect in Custody Is a Teenager, According to Reports

A spokeswoman for the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, Sheila Cole, told Greenville Online that she “believed” one person is in custody. Fox Carolina later reported that a person was in custody. WSPA reports that the suspect is a teenager.

2. One Adult Is Dead; 2 Students & a Teacher Was Injured

Greenville Online reports that three people were transported from the school with injuries. Mike Ellis of the Independent Mail reports two students have been injured and one teacher was injured. The children are described as not having life-threatening injuries.

An adult was found close to the scene but not at the school. The death is considered relating to the school incident. WYFF reports that the dead adult was found along Osborn Road, around three miles from the school.

Townville Elementary School SHOOTING

Police officers on the roof of Townville Elementary School. (Screengrab via WPEC)

The Seneca Journal’s Justin Lee Campbell reports that CPR was being performed on a student at the school. Fox Carolina reports that there are “injuries reported” at the school. According to scanner traffic, one pediatric patient was airlifted from the scene with a gunshot wound to the foot.

3. A Massive Police Operation Is Underway at the School

Among those responding to the school are EMS and LifeFlight as well as the Anderson County Fire Department. Armed police arrived at the school at around 2 p.m. local time, reports WYFF.

4. Highway 24 Around the School Has Been Shut Down by Authorities

WBTW reports that Highway 24 leading to the school has been shut down by authorities with emergency services “asking people to get out of their way.” WYFF reports that parents were waiting nearby to where emergency services were operating. Fox Carolina’s Cody Alcorn reports that students are being bussed to the nearby Oak Dale Church at 6724 Highway 24 where they can be picked up. Mike Ellis described seeing “so many young parents were crying, worries,” at the scene.

5. There Are Nearly 300 Students Enrolled at the School

Townville Elementary School 'Shooting'


There are 286 students enrolled at Townville Elementary School. The classes range from pre-kindergarten to 6th grade. The last school shooting incident in the area occurred in May 2016 when a teenager was accidentally shot at Southside High School in Greenville County. Four students were charged in that incident, reported WYFF.


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Yet another school full of INNOCENT VICTIMS to be used as Targets,thx to barry/CrooKilary and the DEMORATS ,who have ASSURED that NOBODY in the school can Protect Our Kids!! WHY is CROOKILARY getting ANY VOTES!!!DUH!!


Leave your political thoughts aside for one moment and focus on the children. It’s despicable to politicize this.


I am focusing on the Innocent VICTIMS and that barry/CrooKilary and the DEMORATS are responsible,so this GUN FREE IDIOCY is Stopped so YOUR or MY child is NOT the next Victim!!!DUH!!! Should be nothing political about my RIGHT to protect me and MY family!!!


Sounds like you are part of the ILK that has us in this MESS!! Prob a barry/CrooKilary supporter!! LIVES would have saved .IF the DEMORATS wouldn’t have set up this , GUN FREE ZONE PC CRAP which DISARMS Victims!!


The gun free zone bill in NC is HOUSE BILL 93, Which was supported by Republicans and apposed by Democrats in both the state House and Senate – Mic Drop!


Please correct me if I’m wrong !! But aren’t a lot of Republicans claiming to be Republicans but not backing Donald Trump ?


Yes ! Bill you are right there are Democrats posing as Republicans like the Bush family ,the Bush family is a perfect example of a Democrat Undercover the Bush family has ties all the way back Nazi Germany! It is also said they have ties to the SS. But to answer your question Bill you’re absolutely right !


Wonder what the name of the shooter is!!?? Hmmm m no terrorist tho,I’m sure!

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