WATCH: Donald Trump Reacts to Shooting of Terence Crutcher

During an event on Wednesday morning at a church in Cleveland Heights, Donald Trump said he was “very troubled” by the shooting of Terence Crutcher, a 40-year-old man who was killed by Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer Betty Shelby. Trump also tweeted about it before he spoke.

Trump said of Crutcher, that it “looked like he did everything you’re supposed to do. And he looked like a really good man.”

“This young officer… I don’t know what she was thinking. I don’t know what she was thinking,” Trump said. “But I’m very, very troubled. I’m very, very troubled. And we have to be very… we have to be very careful. So, these things are terrible. In my opinion, that was a terrible situation.”

Trump added that police are “scared” by these situations and wondered what happened to Shelby. “Did she get scared? Was she choking? What happened?” Trump said. “But maybe people like that – people that choke – people that do that – maybe they can’t be doing what they’re doing.”

Crutcher was shot on September 16 and later died at the hospital. Police approached his SUV after it stalled in the middle of the road. Tulsa police said that he did not listen to their commands and he reached inside the vehicle. At that point, Shelby shot Crutcher.

On Twitter, Trump also referenced the unrest in Charlotte, which was sparked by the shooting of Keith Lamont.

During the same speech, Trump told the African-American and Hispanic communities, “We’re going to make it right.” Trump’s speech was preceded by an appearance from Don King, who accidentally used the n-word during his speech.

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