WATCH: House Hearing on Clinton’s Email Server [FULL VIDEO]

Examining Preservation of State Department RecordsLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T19:17:43.000Z

The House Oversight Committee held a hearing Tuesday morning to examine questions concerning Hillary Clinton’s private email server and what happened to a number of emails that were not originally turned over to the Department of State. The hearing was meant to examine the “preservation of State Department records” and you can watch the entire hearing in the video above. Just scroll back through the video to the beginning to watch the entire thing. If the video is taken down at any point, we have clips from specific parts of the hearing below.

Between December 2014 and August 2016, the Department of State received thousands of federal records created during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. In August 2015, Clinton signed an affidavit that all of her records were turned over to the State, but the State received at least 14,900 additional emails from the FBI this past month, with possibly tens of thousands more to come, the House Oversight Committee reported. This hearing was meant to determine why those records weren’t originally turned over.

The witnesses invited to attend were Justin Cooper, Bryan Pagliano, Bill Thornton, and Paul Combetta. However, Pagliano, Thornton, and Combetta all invoked their right not to testify, asserting their constitutional right not to incriminate themselves, ABC News reported. Pagliano didn’t even show up. His attorney sent a letter to the chair of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Justin Cooper did show up to testify. He was a White House aide to President Bill Clinton, the person who purchased Hillary Clinton’s first server and registered the domain, and he helped set up Hillary Clinton’s mobile communications, ABC News reported.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the chair of the committee, said there would be consequences for Pagliano’s refusing to show up at all.

Here are specific moments from the hearing that you may want to see:

Chaffetz opens the hearing in this video:

Chairman Chaffetz Opener – Examining Preservation of State Department RecordsLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T14:19:34.000Z

In this next video, Chaffetz begins a Q&A with Cooper:

Chairman Chaffetz Q&A – Examining Preservation of State Department RecordsLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T15:06:57.000Z

Next, this video shows Chaffetz commenting on Pagliano’s refusing to even show up for the hearing:

Chairman Chaffetz on Bryan Pagliano's AbsenceLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T15:14:45.000Z

Rep. Jordan speaks in this video, mentioning that he had questions for the people who weren’t there. He shares one of the emails that were not sent to the Department of State and comments: “They wanted something in writing because they knew they were going to be thrown under the bus.”

Rep. Jordan – Examining Preservation of State Department RecordsLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T15:30:17.000Z

This short minute-long video shows Chaffetz discussing setting up Clinton’s email server with Cooper:

Chairman Chaffetz on Setting up Clinton's Email ServerLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T15:35:03.000Z

Here, Rep. Hurd asks Cooper questions about his work on the server, including possible hacks to the server:

Rep Hurd – Examining Preservation of State Department RecordsLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T15:57:21.000Z

Next, Rep. Palmer questions Cooper about the server and missing emails, along with Clinton’s use of mobile technology:

Rep. Palmer – Examining Preservation of State Department RecordsLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T16:02:44.000Z

This video shows Rep. Meadows questioning Cooper about topics such as push technology:

Examining Preservation of State Department RecordsLearn more at Oversight.House.Gov2016-09-13T16:23:11.000Z

The hearing ended with a recess, indicating that they would resume the hearing at a later date.

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