#TrumpWon: Did Donald Trump Win the Debate & Online Polls?

The hashtag #TrumpWon was trending on Twitter after the first presidential debate, as people rounded up online polls after the debate and insisted that they thought Donald Trump won too.

However, many others used the hashtag to troll Trump and mock him, insisting that Clinton won and the hashtag was meant as a joke – against Trump.

As Fox News put it, though, “If polls only included media pundits, Hillary Clinton would have won Monday’s debate by a landslide, but online surveys had Donald Trump” as the huge winner. Among the online polls Trump won: The Drudge Report poll (80 percent favored Trump out of more than 1.3 million votes), Time (he was up by 4 points), CNBC, Fox News, and Breitbart, according to Fox. (Heavy’s online poll also had Trump winning with 72 percent of respondents; see it here.) These post-debate online polls are non-scientific. However, they stood in sharp contrast to on-air pundits extolling the performance of Clinton.

Even the Republican nominee took note of it, though:

Indeed, people used the hashtag to argue that Trump had won the debate, which took place September 26 at Hofstra University in New York. In contrast, betting markets said Clinton won.

Supporters touted a slew of online polls showing that Trump won, in contrast to the views expressed on television networks on Monday night.

However, people were using the #TrumpWon hashtag for mixed purposes. Some people used it to say that Trump, actually, lost. Many of them, really.

Although Trump was widely mocked on Twitter for his sniffling and interrupting during the debate, people using the #TrumpWon hashtag didn’t like Hillary Clinton’s tone. Some of them accused Clinton of lying.

The first presidential debate was full of fireworks as both candidates attacked the other’s record and temperament. Trump adopted a more aggressive tone and posture, especially in the first part of the debate. Many using the #TrumpWon hashtag said they were upset with “big media” networks for indicating that Clinton had won through immediate polling and punditry. Some people on Twitter using the hashtag think the moderator was unfairly slanted toward Clinton.

In fact, bashing the media and moderator Lester Holt was a common theme.

Of course, in actual scientific polling, the race has narrowed to a dead heat, and it will take a few days to see whether the debate shifts those polls at all. The race has also narrowed to a virtual tie in some battleground states, like Pennsylvania, heightening the stakes for the debate.




Get real America……….Trump is a total idiot. You will regret your decision if you vote for him and so will we in the rest of the world.


Chris Curley how much weed do you smoke a day ? Or is it crack ? whichever it is please put the pipe down. This has limited your ability to think clearly ! If it’s not what you’re smoking you are clearly an idiot !!!!! Donald J Trump won the presidential debate ! Not lying crooked Hillary Clinton………. Trump 1 . Clinton 0.


Yeah – just like we REGRET president Obama? If you think for a second many of us don’t regret that pile of “change” bs he laid on us then you got to be out of your mind . There is no way I could regret more than this 8 year crapshow .


Donald Trump was the winner of the presidential debate. The media knows that Clinton will spend millions and millions of dollars for advertisement !! The Clinton campaign is paying for the false results !! Clinton is paying of favorable reviews !! the media believes they can wear the American people down by their false lying reports !! The media would like you to believe that Hillary Clinton is honest, trustworthy, good-natured a woman for the people she’s nothing more than a thief a con man and let us not forget the different standards of prosecuting Clinton versus the General Public !! Our nation is at stake !! The media left would like you to believe that all is well on the homefront and there’s nothing to see here folks, Move Along !! Move Along !! Donald Trump was the winner of the presidential debate out of 200,000 surveyed Trump 150,000 Clinton 50,000

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