WATCH: Al Smith Jokes About Donald Trump’s Sexual Harassment Allegations

At the Al Smith dinner in New York this evening, Alfred E. Smith IV joked in his opening remarks about Donald Trump’s allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Smith said that during the dinner, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton must do the impossible: get along with one another. But Smith went on to joke that he’s convinced they can succeed because the two candidates ran into one other earlier in the night.

“In fact, before the dinner started, Donald went up to Hillary and asked her how she was doing,” Smith said. “And she replied, ‘I’m fine, now get out of the ladies’ dressing room.'”

Smith made another similar joke a few minutes later when he told Trump that even though there’s a man in a robe sitting next to him – Cardinal Timothy Dolan – he’s not in a locker room, so he should watch his language.

Another theme of Smith’s monologue was the depressing nature of the election, and he joked that it’s made everyone watching it want to drink.

At the Al Smith Dinner, a fundraiser event for Catholic charities, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will deliver comedic remarks ribbing one another and poking fun at themselves. But even though this is traditionally a jovial affair, Trump and Hillary did not even greet one another at the beginning of the dinner despite sitting a few feet apart.