WATCH: Donald Trump Full Al Smith Dinner Speech

At the Al Smith dinner this evening, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivered a monologue making light of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump opened his speech by sarcastically saying that he is a very modest person, transitioning into a joke about the size of Hillary Clinton’s crowds. Within a few minutes, Trump seemed unhappy with his own prepared remarks as if he did not read them before going on stage, saying out loud, “This is corny stuff.” Later, before delivering a joke, Trump said, “Oh, this is going to get me in trouble.”

Many of Trump’s jokes were quite mean-spirited, such as when he said that Hillary “rattling on and on” during the debate this week made him appreciate Rosie O’Donnell more. Trump also said that Hillary Clinton would be seeking a pardon from him when he becomes president in a few months.

It didn’t take long before the audience began to turn on Trump; when he opened a joke with “Hillary is so corrupt,” the crowd started to audibly groan and boo before Trump even got to the end of the line. Later, when Trump flat out said that Hillary Clinton hates Catholics, he received even louder boos.

Presidential candidates often enlist comedians or funny speechwriters to help craft their jokes for the Al Smith dinner. But according to BuzzFeed News reporter Rosie Gray, Trump wrote this speech himself.

Hillary Clinton’s monologue, which came directly after Trump’s, was almost equally nasty, and it received boos from the crowd as well. The Al Smith dinner is a charity event meant to heal the wounds of the campaign and bring both sides of the aisle together, but tonight, it had the exact opposite effect.




Both speeches had moments of levity, dark humor and jabs. Overall I think they were equally funny and belligerent.

Margaret Mastro

I thought it was mean spirated .
It was souppose to be a light hearted evening.
I was very uncomfortable.


And your thoughts on new York carpet bagger hillary and rude comment of rudi guilliani? Interesting how she told the world last night she intended to raise all of these people’s taxes to pay for her programs, because they do not pay their fair share. Seems to me, their clapping indicates they KNOW she will do nothing of the sort, buy print more worthless money to build our debt…OR ELSE she would not have had the applause. How quickly the lower and middle class forget to listen to her promises.

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