Third Presidential Debate: Trump Won Frank Luntz Focus Group Vote

Donald Trump won one poll he might not have expected after the third presidential debate: The Frank Luntz focus group.

Although Trump won the tally, the focus group was almost evenly divided. Luntz posted on Twitter: “Who won tonight’s debate? 14 say Trump. 12 say Clinton.”

The results are interesting for several reasons. For one, a lot of the pundits on television networks (such as CNN) thought Trump had an awful debate (Trump has criticized CNN as biased.) For another, Trump had trashed Luntz repeatedly in the past, once even calling him a “total clown” with zero credibility in a highly publicized feud.

Luntz responded with a joke.

This time, Trump simply retweeted the good news from Luntz without making gratuitous comments about the pollster.

Trump was winning some other online polls.

Heavy’s online poll showed Clinton winning the debate.

However, those online polls are not scientific, and past online polls mostly showed Trump won the past debates also. Despite that online polling, scientific polls have shown that Clinton’s lead grew since the first and second debates.

Furthermore, two scientific polls taken after the third presidential debate found Clinton the winner. Time will tell how things shake out in other post-debate scientific polls.

Luntz’ focus group thought this was Trump’s best moment:

However, they liked Clinton’s answer on the election system, saying that it showed she had the right temperament for a president.

People liked Trump’s view on the economy and Clinton’s foreign policy experience, Luntz said.

However, people didn’t like it when Trump refused to say whether he would accept the presidential results.

They didn’t like Hillary’s answer on the Clinton Foundation either, though.

Trump certainly dominates the online conversation.

According to The Daily Caller, Trump dominated the conversation on Facebook by being “the topic of 56 percent of the conversation on Facebook during the debate while Clinton was at 44 percent.”



Barb Stewart

This may not be quite as humorous when I read it tomorrow, but I doubt it. However it might be more enjoyable.


We! have seen the FBI, the Department of Justice, hold Hillary Clinton close to their bosom.

Corruption ! you better believe there’s corruption, and there is a excuse !

Not to support the election results:

1) : the FBI corruption !

2) : the Department of Justice corruption! f

3) : branches of the White House corrupted!

4) : These are United States officials ! involved in corruption !

5) : Let’s not forget about, Bernie Sanders and the corruption ,surrounding his fate !

6) : What,he supposed to say ?
That he’s going to stand by,a possible corruptible and corrupt decision.
when elected officials, and our president have gone out of their way to serve their purpose only ! and not America !

7) :Thank you !! mr. Trump, for protecting America and its people.


Donald Trump is exactly right !!

If he would have claimed his would (accept /acceptance) of the outcome of the election!

He would have given up, all legal right ,to protest in court !

That was,a legal trick question, to ask Donald Trump at the debate !!

His answer was appropriate and legal ! .

As Al Gore,found out when he petition the Supreme Court for possible voter fraud !

Al Gore ,found out by accepting the outcome prior !!

He then, gave up all rights to protest the end result !

Donald Trump, has legally protected, the United States and, legally protected the voters of the United States to ensure a fair election.

That was, a legal binding ! trick question ! and nothing more ! .

Ima Right

The bias media was so bias before the debate and now every poll i see has Trump beating Hellary by 50 or more points! don’t see them doing any after debate polls!

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