Donald Trump’s Portsmouth, New Hampshire Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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Nimal Rajasinghe

Trump was a business man and entertainer who ran beauty pagents and strip clubs. What can I say about women who seeks jobs in those places. If you are going to seek a job as a stripper, what would you expect from a man. As an entertainer of Howard Stern show, Trump had a job to do. He said things to entertain people. That is what all Howard Stern show is about. Why those women did not seek jobs as medical doctors or lawyers? Also why are they coming out now after 20 or 30 years. Twenty, thirty years ago Trump was a young man. His tetesteron level was high. Now he is an older gentelman with vision to bring jobs back to America. With vision to take on ISIS and secure our borders. Hillary will have open borders and open trade to destroy American jobs. Hillary is a liar. Vote Trump!

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