LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump Rally in Delaware, Ohio

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will hold a rally in Delaware, Ohio this afternoon, his first event following the third presidential debate.

Trump will speak at the Delaware County Fair beginning at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time. The event can be viewed in the embedded YouTube player via Right Side Broadcasting.

At the final presidential debate on Wednesday, Donald Trump delivered a much more polished performance than he did in the first two debates. But that was overshadowed by a shocking moment that has dominated news coverage ever since: Trump refused to say that he will accept the result of the election.

“I will look at it at the time,” he said. “…What I’m saying is that I’ll tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense.”

Trump cited a belief that Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to run for president and that the media has been unfair to him as the reason he might not accept the result of the election. He also suggested that widespread voter fraud could lead to his loss, even though there is no evidence of voter fraud existing on a scale that would even come close to affecting the result of a presidential election.

After the debate ended, many of Trump’s surrogates tried to walk back his comments, saying that Trump will of course accept the election results despite what the candidate had said on stage just minutes earlier.

“Absent evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities and a close election, then yes, we’ll accept the results,” Conway said. “But we’re actually going to embrace the results, because we’re going to win the election.”

Republican National Committee chairman also said after the debate that Trump will concede the election if he loses. In the past, Trump has insisted that none of his surrogates speak on his behalf and that voters should only trust what comes out of his own mouth. This Ohio rally will be Trump’s first time speaking since the debate, and so many will be watching to see whether Trump walks back his statement or if he actually doubles down on it.

This is the only rally that Trump has scheduled for Thursday. Tomorrow, he heads to North Carolina and Pennsyvalia.