Donald Trump Rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona: The Photos You Need to See

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke to supporters in Prescott Valley, Arizona on October 4th. Thousands of supporters turned out for the event, during which Trump talked about taxes, Hillary Clinton, and the upcoming vice presidential debate. In particular, Trump drew attention when he mocked Hillary Clinton for her marriage to Bill Clinton, and when he asked why Hillary Clinton did not change the federal tax policy when she was a senator so that people like Trump could not exploit loopholes to their advantage. Here are some of the best photos from Trump's Arizona rally. (Getty)



Alice Mullahy

Now, THATS AMERICAN at it’s Best. When, people can take time out of their busy schedules to Show TRUMP SUPPORT…WAY, to go guys! We’re with you…VOTE TRUMP NOV 8th


THIS PHOTO of Hillary in Jail o Is GREAT… LMAO…Forward to all your friends and family…They too will get a kick out of it!