WATCH: Donald Trump Tells Terminally Ill, ‘I Don’t Care How Sick You Are’

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Donald Trump in Henderson, Nevada, on Wednesday. (Getty)

At a campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada, on Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump courted the vote of terminally ill people, telling them to “hang out until November 8,” before dying. He later added that he made the statements “kiddingly — but I mean it.”

Trump led his supposedly “kidding” remarks by telling dying Americans, “I don’t care how sick you are.”

Watch Trump make his latest bizarre remarks in the video excerpt below, courtesy of the BBC.

“I don’t care how sick you are,” the embattled New York real estate mogul told an admiring crowd. “I don’t care if you just came back from the doctor and he gave you the worst possible prognosis, meaning it’s over. Doesn’t matter. Hang out till November 8. Get out and vote. And then, all we’re gonna say is, ‘We love you and we will remember you always.’”

Trump was speaking to a rally at the Henderson Pavilion in Henderson four days ahead of the second presidential debate, to be held in St. Louis, Missouri, on Sunday. Trump was widely perceived to have lost the first debate on September 26.

Since then, Trump has struggled in national polls, losing 10 consecutive polls taken after the debate, until a Rasmussen poll released Wednesday showed him ahead of Clinton by a single percentage point.

In less than two weeks since the first debate, Trump has been hammered by a series of controversies, many of his own making, such as his “fat shaming” of a former Miss Universe beauty pageant winner whom he criticized for gaining weight.

But it was a series of revelations about his finances that may have shaken Trump the hardest, capped by a New York Times report revealing pages of his previously concealed tax returns showing that the self-proclaimed billionaire took a staggering $916 million income loss deduction in 1995 and likely paid no income tax for 18 years as a result.