2016 Electoral College Possibilities: Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton’s Path to 270

Gallery: 1/7

As Election Day approaches, there are a variety of national polls showing Donald Trump in the lead, with one recent survey from Rasmussen having him ahead of Hillary Clinton by two points. But that doesn't hold as much weight as one might think because as we know, the candidate who receives the most votes isn't necessarily the candidate who becomes president. Instead, the race to the White House is centered around the Electoral College, the United States' system in which candidates earn points for winning states and in which whoever gets to 270 electoral votes becomes the next president. This is why so many pundits are confident that Hillary Clinton has this race all locked up. There are simply an extraordinary number of states that Donald Trump needs to turn from blue to red in two weeks, and it's unclear whether he can actually do so. A comeback of this magnitude would be unprecedented, but then again, Donald Trump does love to break from precedent. This electoral map is what we'll all be focused on come November 8th, watching states light up red and blue until we have our next commander in chief. Here are some of the most likely Electoral College scenarios in which Hillary Clinton wins and in which Donald Trump wins. (270 to Win)

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she is evil enough to steal this election but then you can kiss this country goodbye. the empire of manifest destiny is done after 240 years.

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