Gary Johnson’s Best Live Tweets During the Second Presidential Debate

gary johnson live tweets

Gary Johnson’s best presidential debate live tweets. (Getty)

Gary Johnson live tweeted during the second presidential debate. His opinions are driving home the message that Johnson really should be allowed in the third and final debate.

Here are some of their best tweets during the debate.

First, Johnson took issue with Trump’s apology:

And he followed up by agreeing with Hillary Clinton:

Johnson also echoed a point that Clinton made during the beginning of the debate about the need to focus on the issues.

He was not impressed with the second debate, and many viewers agreed:

One supporter responded: “How can we get you up there. These clowns are pathetic.” Someone asked about Aleppo in response and another person tweeted: “a city that Gary Johnson won’t bomb but Hillary and Trump will…”

Johnson is polling around 7 percent in the major national polls. He needs to reach 15 percent to be included in the last debate. His supporters are hoping that Trump’s recent problems may open the door for Johnson to poll better and get into the finale debate. Another person mused:

Another person wrote:

Johnson did start tweeting about the issues once the candidates started talking about them. He first addressed his answer to healthcare:

He also disagreed with Clinton and Trump’s paths to safety and security:

He disagreed with Trump’s immigration plan:

But he also disagreed with Clinton:

But it wasn’t long before the debate turned back to scandal, and Johnson voiced his dissent:

He later pointed out a flaw with Clinton’s foreign policy ideas for Syria:

And he shared his views on free trade:

While the campaigns talked about how much money they had raised, Johnson added his own two cents:

All in all, Johnson and many third-party supporters were disappointed by the debate. He mentioned the alternative that he and Weld can bring:

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