Gary Johnson’s Best Live Tweets During the Second Presidential Debate

gary johnson live tweets

Gary Johnson’s best presidential debate live tweets. (Getty)

Gary Johnson live tweeted during the second presidential debate. His opinions are driving home the message that Johnson really should be allowed in the third and final debate.

Here are some of their best tweets during the debate.

First, Johnson took issue with Trump’s apology:

And he followed up by agreeing with Hillary Clinton:

Johnson also echoed a point that Clinton made during the beginning of the debate about the need to focus on the issues.

He was not impressed with the second debate, and many viewers agreed:

One supporter responded: “How can we get you up there. These clowns are pathetic.” Someone asked about Aleppo in response and another person tweeted: “a city that Gary Johnson won’t bomb but Hillary and Trump will…”

Johnson is polling around 7 percent in the major national polls. He needs to reach 15 percent to be included in the last debate. His supporters are hoping that Trump’s recent problems may open the door for Johnson to poll better and get into the finale debate. Another person mused:

Another person wrote:

Johnson did start tweeting about the issues once the candidates started talking about them. He first addressed his answer to healthcare:

He also disagreed with Clinton and Trump’s paths to safety and security:

He disagreed with Trump’s immigration plan:

But he also disagreed with Clinton:

But it wasn’t long before the debate turned back to scandal, and Johnson voiced his dissent:

He later pointed out a flaw with Clinton’s foreign policy ideas for Syria:

And he shared his views on free trade:

While the campaigns talked about how much money they had raised, Johnson added his own two cents:

All in all, Johnson and many third-party supporters were disappointed by the debate. He mentioned the alternative that he and Weld can bring:




Gary Johnson is honest, has an impeccable track record, is experienced, and thinks thoughtfully about the issues. This election is a no-brainer. (Plus I’m in a state that’s not split 50/50 D&R so the only vote I can cast that gives me any voice is one for Gary Johnson.)

Sherry Heim

I knew when Gary Johnson was excluded from the first debate, even though he will appear on all 50 state’s ballots plus DC, that the Commission on Presidential Debates had no intention of letting him on that stage for any of the debates. They are a private company who has a vested interest in keeping the duopoly in place. The people want change and more choices but the government does not want to have to remove its boot from our throats so we get candidates that we need to hold our nose in order to vote for what we think is the lesser of the evils. No more! I will not vote for someone who does not represent me. I will not vote for either elitist who has no idea how the majority of us lives. I will not vote for a candidate who does not believe in ending the never-ending occupation of other countries and assisting in regime changes. I will not vote for a candidate who does not intend to balance the budget and stop raising taxes. I will not vote for a candidate who refuses to get government out of the way so business can thrive. I will not vote for a candidate who does not believe that our tax system is flawed beyond repair and needs to be changed. I will not vote for a candidate who does not believe that it is their job to serve the people and that the people tell them how to run our country. I will vote for Gary Johnson


Very well said!! Thank you.
….How do I forward or print this outstanding comment to share with friends who cannot seem to comprehend the insanity of going to the polls to vote ‘for the lesser of two evils.”
What a horrible statement of our choices for President of the United States……..”the lesser of two evils.”
As a nation, we deserve more and better than what is now happening and we need change to occur so we never go through another presidential race as ugly and sordid as this one. ANd that we have future canidates with who we may sometimes disagreeinstead of label “evil”. Thank you for your words of wisdom.


I agree with you on the fact that the people of the united states do not have a better choice of future presidents. So that leaves us with a choice of who would bring the most compassion to our people in this world. Our people see so much violence and killing from our wars and our children are growing up thinking that this is the way to resolve disputes. They are not seeing compassion for other people because our media focuses on violence and deaths for publicity. I do not see any hope for Donald Trump to bring any compassion into this world. He is a sociopath who thrives on controlling people and surroundings. Hillary Clinton does have compassion and kindness and the ability to bring some goodness and hope into this world. Being in politics for such a long time frame has hardened her heart for sure, seeing corruption, dishonesty and many reasons why you must go along with the government for the sake of saving your own life. As president of the united states, she would have freedom of choice to lead our country. Rape, abuse, child molestation and disrespect are acknowledged as being illegal and women have been encouraged to speak up and speak out and have become stronger people. Please think strongly before you vote. As Hillary said; “We have to become friends with the enemy before we can change situations in this world to make a difference”.

Kim Taylor

Are you joking? Your joking! She is NOT a mentor to this woman. Bill would have been in that big Ole White House alone. Instead, she protects him. Not for her or him or their daughter. Just politics.


:sigh: even a 5yo comprehends that not voting dem or rep in this cycle, only benefits the other next option…


The process is surprisingly simple. If none of the candidates get the necessary 270 needed to win, the vote goes to the house. The house despises both Clinton and Trump. So when they get to vote… The likelihood of a Johnson win in that situation is quite high. So it’s really not a wasted vote, when it comes to you and I selecting Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. It’s one step closer to NOT having Clinton or her BFF Trump.

Jay Ennis

What makes him any different than a typical republican/conservative beside the fact that he has nothing against pot?


His commitment to libertarian ideals; that’s why he left the (G)OP. His record is as a systems disruptor, not as a (G)OP conservative! He and Weld were both re-elected in majority Demo states. He breaks with conservatives on reproductive choice and he stands firmly against forced vaccination. All god libertarian positions. Oh, yes, he understands the huge harm the war on (some) drugs has caused for decades and wants to end the madness. Maybe an admitted hemp-user is exactly what America needs to let go of the (G)OP/Demo consensus empire…

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