Hillary Clinton & Al Gore’s Miami, Florida Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Former Vice President Al Gore campaigned with Hillary Clinton for the first time on Tuesday in Miami, Florida.

Gore, who served as Bill Clinton’s vice president for eight years, discussed the dangers of climate change, and what is at stake in the November election.

He argued that electing her opponent Donald Trump would lead to "climate catastrophe." The event drew a crowd of around 1,600 people.

Gore shared the stage with Clinton at Miami Dade College's Kendall Campus. Click through the photo gallery to see pictures from the rally. (Getty)



Kenneth Hill

Over 30’000 show up for Trump in the same state on the very same day, Ministers of propaganda in Democrat controlled media totally silent. We are being lied too

brittney benson

I was actually at trump rally in Panama City, FL. he had a great turn out! A great crowd & you’re right the media has not spoke about how successful his rallys are in FL


another empty Hillary rally. when i see those black curtains in the background on pictures its a dead giveaway, also all the dead space on the picture of her and gore coming in its another sign.


He’s a washed up has-been. She’s an old corrupt hag who will destroy what is left of America


President Hillary; get used to it, deplorables…………you’ll hear it every day for the next four years.

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