WATCH: Hillary Clinton Full Al Smith Dinner Speech

At the Al Smith dinner this evening, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivered a monologue mocking Donald Trump and the 2016 election cycle.

This event, which is meant to raise money for Catholic charities, is attended by presidential candidates, who come together to share food and jokes as a show of good will. However, both Trump and Clinton’s speeches were unusually nasty, and each candidate was booed at various points in the evening.

For the most part, Clinton’s monologue was a bit more in line with a traditional Al Smith dinner speech than Trump’s was. She made light of some of her own scandals by calling the audience a “basket of adorables” and saying that she usually charges a lot of money for this kind of speech.

However, Clinton also delivered many harsh Trump jokes that were met with groans and boos by the audience, such as when she said that Trump would rate the Statue of Liberty a four out of ten, when she said that Trump translates his speeches from Russian, and when she implied that he isn’t a real billionaire. For both candidates, large sections of their monologues felt like lengthy, angry attacks on their opponent with some occasional punchlines thrown in.

Rudy Giuliani was clearly unhappy with Clinton’s performance; Hillary Clinton essentially said that he is not a very well-respected person, and Giuliani angrily stared at Clinton without even cracking a smile.

Clinton closed her speech by speaking sincerely about both sides coming together, which seemed strangely at odds with everything that came before.