Hillary Clinton & Anthony Weiner: Memes & Jokes You Need to See

FBI Director James Comey threw a big wrench into the 2016 presidential election when he sent a letter to Congress to reveal that new emails were being investigated that might be "pertinent" to the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. Comey was not specific about which emails were recovered, from where, and whether they are, in fact, significant. However, The New York Times and other media outlets then reported that the emails were recovered from a device owned by Anthony Weiner in a separate investigation into allegations he sexted a juvenile. Weiner is separated from Clinton's top aide and confidante, Human Abedin. It's far from clear what's been recovered, but Donald Trump immediately seized on the revelation, which was dubbed an October surprise, praising the FBI for its action. Others criticized Comey for deviating from past FBI and Justice Department practice of not doing anything that could affect a major election. It was revealed that Comey had broken with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the matter after she objected to the letter. However, Lynch had her own controversy when it was previously released that she had met with Bill Clinton on a plane in the middle of the email investigation. Previously, Comey had announced that he was not recommending charges against Hillary Clinton in the email investigation in part because agents did not find any intent of wrongdoing. The fact that Anthony Weiner was so prominently injected into the presidential election sparked a flurry of memes and jokes on Twitter, some more off color than others. Hillary Clinton held a news conference in which demanded that the FBI release more details on what they are doing and have found. Comey is a lifelong Republican, although he recently said he's no longer a registered Republican. However, he has donated to past Republican presidential candidates. Comey has said the FBI does not yet know the significance, if any, of the newly discovered emails, including whether they are duplicates of emails already recovered.