Hillary Clinton’s Coconut Creek, Florida Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton led a rally today in Coconut Creek, Florida at Broward College. The rally started at 2:15 p.m. at the OMNI Auditorium and was geared toward encouraging early voting. So many people showed up that extra seats were brought into the auditorium, which seats 2,000 people. At least 1,000 people had been lined up for the rally since 6 a.m., according to CBS12Click through the gallery to see more photos from the rally and learn more about what happened. (Getty)




What a joke! The story said 2,000 people inside yet the photos only show maybe 200 at the most. “Click through the gallery” lol. I did and don’t see many people as usual with the HilLIARy rallys. More bs from the Clintons and their paid media.


Lol!! The OLD Lib Dem HAG LYIN BENGHAZI CROOKILARY gets a few thousand.vs; TRUMPS TENS OF THOUSANDS!!! Some r Finally waking up to this Socialist LYIN WITCH!


You are absolutely right and I hope it’s not too late. These ignorant low information voters believing all this crap from the dems. God forbid she is elected to finish the job of ruining the country like our mooselum president started.


Yeah, when are Trump voters gonna get out of their bubble, and read something other than Trumpbot propaganda about their candidate?


Yawn!!! Catcha’ in November 8th, and we’ll compare numbers then!!!


Donald wants to take ours away too, but he just doesn’t know it, ‘cuz he doesn’t know his country’s constitiution.


“‘We should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump,” said Donald Trump today. What, we’re now supposed to do away with another constitutional right, the right to vote, and just hold a coronation for Donald?


If Hillary is an OLD Lib Dem HAG, then it ONLY stands to reason, that since Donnie was born before Hillary, Donnie must be the OLD LYIN’ DIRTY OLD BASTARD . . . so pathetic to see and old geezer chase skirts at his age and think it’s all about his personality and looks . . . never mind the way he switches sides . . . good think Daddy was rich!


Hillary has done SO MUCH WORSE to women. She destroyed and paid off many of bills women. Trumps supposed assaults – one made out with him for 15 minutes and never complained. Another said she was assaulted but afterword she stayed for dinner before she left. Does that sound like assault? no ! Any woman that has been assaulted knows that you wouldn’t have stayed for dinner afterward. The woman on the plane made out with Trump for 15 minutes and if assaulted would have tried to get help from anybody on that plane. This is the only thing Hillary is bashing him on. She is such a corrupt lying (should be in prison) person and you want her to lead your country. into the ground is what she will do. Would you hire her to work for your business. Her list of lies failures and payoffs and terrible things she has done is so long. don’t listen or read the news? If you have you would knowthe crooked things she has done. She and obama are ISIS. You are crazy if you still vote for her.


As someone who counseled many of my students who were sexual assault survivors, and as a sexual assault survIvor myself, I can only say that Crazy, you are CRAZY!!!


An ignorant comment . . . what else is a Trump supporter capable of . . . btw, my attacker remains in prison, as do some of my students’ attackers . . . bet they’re Trump supporters too!

Matt Myers

At least attach your name when you comment lol. To afraid to let people see the face of a hillary voter?


The way you guys and gals love guns, are incapable of rational thought, and threaten others with violence, who the hell would be stupid enough to provide their name?

the unfooled

what a pathetic stupid numbskull you are ..Hillary is getting so panicked that she is becoming the clown of the Democrat party (NOT DEMOCRATIC) Democrat She is resorting to inane Yelling and screaming not at all acting like someone in control Even I am embarrassed for her The October surprise has done to her what it intended to do


If Hillary Clinton wins she declare martial law !!

She will go after all the people that spoke against her !!

She will, use the corrupt FBI !!

She will, use the corrupt Department of Justice !!

She will, use the Internal Revenue Service to financially destroy all those who have oppose her !!

If you don’t believe she will go after all those who oppose her, look at all the women Bill Clinton sexually attacked !!

Look what Hillary did !!

She went after those women !!

Yes ! she will , use the corrupt government to go after all of those that have sad that she is corrupt .

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