WATCH: Hillary Clinton Refers to Barack Obama as Muslim at Al Smith Dinner

Hillary Clinton made a joke that referred to President Barack Obama as a Muslim at the Al Smith charity dinner.

The white-tie dinner, located in Manhattan, benefits Roman Catholic Charities. It was attended on October 20 by Republican nominee Donald Trump as well as Hillary Clinton.

“How is Barack going to get past the Muslim ban?” Hillary joked.

The context: Clinton first joked that it would be awkward at the annual presidents’ day photo at the White House if Trump wins and “not just with Bill.”

Some people in the room were not sure how to react to Clinton telling what some are now calling an “Obama/Muslim joke.”

The dinner is somewhat like a roast in which tradition holds that prominent people, including politicians, poke fun at each other. However, it comes the day after a heated presidential debate. Furthermore, Trump’s jabs at Clinton in his speech caused some in the audience to boo him.

The Muslim mention, although clearly a joke by Clinton, raised eyebrows because Obama says he is Christian and conspiracy theories that he’s really a Muslim have been hotly criticized. Trump has previously accused Clinton of being connected to attempts to smear Obama as a Muslim during the previous presidential primary, which she denies. Trump has also been roundly criticized for his proposed ban on Muslim immigration.

This left some on Twitter wondering if they had actually heard Clinton correctly. Some said Clinton was really making fun at Trump for his Muslim ban proposal, not joking about Obama being a Muslim.

Others took the joke way more literally.

Others were just shocked that Clinton would go there even in a joking manner.

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