Hillary Clinton’s Philadelphia Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton held a rally in Philadelphia with Tim Kaine on Saturday night. The event began at 8:45 p.m. at PENN Park and drew in more than 7,000 people. They spoke about their vision for America and their plan for an economy that works for everyone. She also urged attendees to vote for down ballot Democratic candidates in November too. Click through the gallery to see photos and stories from the rally. (Getty)




You sure this is not Sanders…??? I call FAKE – Just like Evrything else about Clintons.


I Agree with you!!!! No freaking way this woman had a turn out like that…. NO WAY!!


The only turn out that matters is the one on November 8th . . . let’s see how Donnie and his crew stack up then!


Or maybe we will see the onion peeled away to show how many have been lying for the criminal Hillary eh? All I know is you are anonymous for a reason, just like all the other Clinton sycophants


Something doesn’t make sense !

I was there and there and there wasn’t that many people ?

And they asked me to hold a Hillary Clinton banner !

I told him no thank you ,don’t want one !

That’s really weird it must be photoshopped or something ?

Well like I said, that’s really weird.


Standing on the floor you could estimate an accurate count . . . now THAT’S weird!!

Rick Day

Ah, the same city where they hired thousands of extras to take the chairs of the Sander’s delegates at the DNC?

What a coincidence!


Thousands of extras . . . perchance just a tad bit of hyperbole?????


Not really hyperbole. Here is part of an article talking about the real numbers
“Hillary has only had 12,000 total at her rallies since August 1st. To put this in perspective, Trump has had 300,000 more people at his rallies than Hillary and over 26 times the crowds she has entertained and Trump turned away 12,000 people Tuesday night which is roughly the same amount of people that Hillary has entertained at all her rallies since August 1st!”

Jeffrey Mayer

The same convention where Hillary Clinton REFUSED to allow uniformed Philadelphia police officers participating in the convention…by the way Trump rallies had 20,000 30,00 plus in PA..Kaine had 14 the other day !

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