Hillary Clinton’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine attended a joint rally today in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Taylor Allderdice High School. The rally started at 4:45 p.m. and doors opened about two hours before that. This was their first of two campaign stops in Pennsylvania on Saturday as part of "Get Out the Vote" rallies. A capacity crowd of 1,800 attended the event, the Post Gazette reported, and an overflow crowd of 1,250 were in a nearby auditorium. Click through the gallery to see photos and stories from the rally. (Getty)




Donald Trump is the only leader that will take our country in the right direction. No politician
will ever do this. Mr. Trump is not a politician, he’s a very successful business man, and that’s
what this country needs, a leader in business to get rid of a corrupt and crooked Government
owned by the Democrats and the Clintons. This is our last chance to straighten out a corrupt
Government and get rid of corrupt Politicians who want to keep the Government just like it is,
which is getting worse every day. You must vote for Donald Trump. If Mr. Trump loses this
election, God help us. There will never be another candidate that will help the people again,
because he’s not a crooked, corrupt Politician, like Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump is a very
successful business man that will make our country prosper like his businesses. Vote for
Donald Trump only.


“Mr. Trump is a very successful business man that will make our country prosper like his businesses.” My gawd, where have you been, Trump has SERIAL bankruptcies . . . he actually lost money running casinos . . . casinos, for crying out loud . . . then, he claims a near-billion dollar loss in a SINGLE year on his taxes, and you say that because of his business acumen, our country is going to “prosper?” The only person who prospers around Donald Trump is Donald Trump and his offspring! I pray daily that there is never another candidate like Donald Trump. His accusations are devoid of proof, making them treasonous! I’d love to be wrong, and would welcome legitimate, i.e., non-partisan documentation proving I am. Otherwise, no rants, devoid of documentation necessary.


Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankruptcy on September 10, 2014,[30] and announced plans to close the Taj Mahal on November 13 if the casino did not get concessions from its unions.[31] A sister property, the Trump Plaza did close in 2014.[2] your first untrue statement.


We had a business man as our leader before. G.W Bush was a business man that put us in this mess that we all had to face. We need a candidate that can manipulate, and get the country out of messes that it seems to create. Just as the Republicans have said. HIllary’s that candidate!


CrooKilary gets 100,s,Trump has 1000s at his rallies,Hopefully ppl are waking up to the Alinsky Lyin Witch!!


I think the witches would have a right to complain about that comparison…..lol

So what worse the lie above or lying about 30,000 emails and saying you did not send or receive classified emails, or that she asked for and received permission to use a private server, or that she couldn’t remember any of her actions……or how about the many of her direct staffers that either took the 5th or was granted immunity?

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