Hillary Clinton’s Toledo, Ohio Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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Looks like she’s still only filling half a High School Gym, but with people strategically placed for the cameras.
Not a good sign


oh, the irony1 how hellary spins herself to be the exact opposite of what she truly is11 her lies obv knows no bounds111 first, lebron is a coarse stupid nigga that’d stfu about anything not bb related (heavy.com/news/2016/10/lebron-james-hillary-clinton-endorsement-president-donald-trump-akron/) and second, she’s simply butthurted that dt didn’t gave her money indirectly via taxes all this time. she couldn’t care less about anyone else; only stealing legally all she can. yet the really sad thing is that obv the nyt is her new superpac. third, dt never stole, not did anything wrong, nor illegal. her statements are based on flawed premises to incite a pure emotional response over reason. 1 dt is a bizman; not a politician, until recently. 2 his job is to make money, which obv inc paying as little taxes as possible. 3 as long as he remains a successful bizman, he helps the economy in all the jobs he create, and the services he provides for everybody else. 4 money spent is reinvested in capital investment; as it should be. benefiting society, taxes notwithstanding. 5 hitlary asks wkog; i say, ‘precisely’1 again, based on the false assumption that he ‘lost’ that money non-purposely. 6 dt’s proposed tax cuts are for everyone; so try harder… hence, in conclusion, i fail to understand all of her silly and ridiculous hyped diatribe presented here; as always…

forty eight

I’d read more of your post, but your basic lack and/or command of the English language, although you do try to use big wordsl


IS That all you have to say.. insult the guys use of words.. You are sad.

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