Hurricane Matthew: The Scariest Pictures You Need to See

Gallery: 1/18

A creepy image of Hurricane Matthew that looks like a skull or demon has gone viral on the Internet, and it's not the only spooky picture of the weather mass. People have seen other characters, gorillas, demons, and devils in satellite images of the massive storm. The skull or demon image (people see different things in it) was shared on Twitter by a meteorologist for the Weather Channel as Hurricane barrels toward the Florida coast. "Sinister-looking face of #HurricaneMatthew at landfall in #Haiti [Un-doctored #weather #satellite image]," wrote Stu Ostro, with the photo. The storm is scary, so the photo captured its essence to many people. Thousands have fled inland to escape its potential wrath. According to The New York Times, the hurricane is "a deadly storm with maximum sustained winds of more than 110 miles per hour." The hurricane has killed 16 people as it rampaged through Haiti, and it was heading toward Florida and South Carolina, causing mass evacuations, said USA Today. People even saw the Grinch and Harambee, the shot gorilla, in images of the hurricane as they waited for it to land. One woman wrote on Twitter that she thought a satellite image of the storm looked like a "cute little devil." Others thought the storm was anything but cute as they evacuated their homes and waited in fear to see what damage and havoc it would reap on the southeastern United States coastline. The National Guard was called out and people emptied store shelves of bottled water and other goods needed to survive the storm. (Twitter)