Hurricane Matthew: The Videos You Need to See

Hurricane Matthew is moving up the coast of Florida, after leaving more than 300 dead in Haiti. The storm has dominated news coverage, and many are speculating that if it turns south after going out to sea, it might dominate coverage again next week. These are videos showing damage and power of the storm as it’s been moving up the east coast. The video above is a frightening shot of water streaming inland from Jacksonville Beach, provided by Action News Jax on Facebook.

Here are the videos you need to see.

Katie Jeffries shared this video on Twitter of Jacksonville Beach, showing just how intense the flooding was:

Action News Jacksonville also shared this next video, which shows people trapped at Casablanca Inn on the Bay in St. Augustine as flood waters rush past:

In fact, flooding has been a huge problem in St. Augustine, with many cars submerged:

And here is a video showing Fernandina Beach:

And in this video, you can see waves crashing into a Palm Beach coast house:

And next is a 360-degree video from within Hurricane Matthew’s eye wall in Datyona Beach, Florida:

Here’s a video of a tree in Florida uprooting from the high winds:

And here’s a video of how St. Augustine looked from the hurricane:

Read more about Hurricane Matthew in Spanish at

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