Is There a ‘Bill Clinton Is a Rapist’ Contest? Yes [VIDEOS]

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If you’ve been seeing more and more people shouting “Bill Clinton is a rapist” on national TV, it’s because they’re trying to get $5,000. InfoWars is offering $5,000 to anyone who can say “Bill Clinton is a rapist” on national TV, along with $1,000 to anyone who can get InfoWars’ “rape” shirt on national TV clearly for more than five seconds. The contest is ongoing until a budget of $100,000 is reached. The video above shows someone taking advantage of the offer during a Bill Clinton rally in Greenfield.

Here’s what you need to know.

More and more people have been interrupting rallies, broadcast interviews, and live news feeds so they can shout “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” That’s because Alex Jones of InfoWars is offering money to anyone who succeeds. Here’s the video where Jones first made his offer (it starts at around the 26:22 mark in the video):

VideoVideo related to is there a ‘bill clinton is a rapist’ contest? yes [videos]2016-10-09T18:46:24-04:00

And now people are taking advantage of the offer.

A woman yelled “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” during a live CNN broadcast while wearing Jones’ shirt, in the video below. Her yells disrupted the broadcast and it was really hard to ignore her:

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A lot of people have jumped into the contest, but it’s not known yet if Alex Jones has actually paid anyone the money he promised.

The way people handle the disruption is also interesting to watch. When Bill Clinton was interrupted during the Greenfield rally, he handled everything smoothly and professionally, encouraging the attendees to clap for the two men as they were escorted out. When a man interrupted a live broadcast on Fox News about adopting puppies, at least one of the journalists, Tucker Carlson, seemed really amused by the whole thing. He laughed and just said: “Everything is fine on Fox & Friends because we are surrounded by dogs.”

VideoVideo related to is there a ‘bill clinton is a rapist’ contest? yes [videos]2016-10-09T18:46:24-04:00

Another interruption happened when a woman began walking back and forth in front of a camera during Bill Clinton’s rally with a homemade shirt that read “Bill Clinton is a rapist.”

Protester Intertupts Bill Clinton With A 'Bill Is A Rapist' Sign2016-10-05T20:53:49.000Z

A man also disrupted Tim Kaine’s Las Vegas rally with his message, adding “!” He was escorted out of the rally as the crowd chanted back “Hillary!”

Protester at Kaine Rally!He Yells "Bill Clinton is a Rapist"2016-10-07T10:24:11.000Z

Here’s the video from another angle:

Then during a live interview on MSNBC, a man being interviewed got the words in on live TV. The reporter was not pleased. “He knew that he had a minute. That’s how he wanted to use his time.”

EPIC ConservaCHAD DOUBLE PENETRATES Libtard Journalist LIVE ON MSNBC2016-10-03T20:48:35.000Z

As for the allegations against Bill Clinton, Heavy covered them in-depth in this story. Donald Trump himself has been the subject of a rape lawsuit, which you can read about in Heavy’s story here. The number of people who are participating in the InfoWars contest seems to be just another reflection of how “unique” this 2016 election cycle has become.

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