James Otis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On Wednesday morning, James “Jamie” Otis took a pickax and destroyed Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star on Hollywood Blvd. Otis says he tried to retrieve the entire star, but “… the star was just too difficult, the concrete was very strong, and I would have to stay there for an hour, but… I just had a sledgehammer and a pick-ax…”

Here’s what you need to know about him.

1. He’s Been Taken Into Custody

In the words of TMZ, Otis sees himself as “a modern-day Robin Hood”.

On Thursday morning, LAPD located Otis in West Hollywood before he left his home, and took him into custody around 7am. TMZ was told that Otis has been cooperative and that he was arrested for felony vandalism. He has been booked into the Men’s Central Jail in downtown LA.

2. He Planned to Auction off Pieces of the Star and Donate the Money to Trump’s Accusers’ Legal Defense

Trump planned on suing the women who have come out saying they were a victim of his sexual assaults. Otis has revealed that he intended to auction off pieces of Trump’s star and donate the money he made to the accusers’ defense. He says his motivation for committing the act was to stand up for these victims.

In his video to TMZ, Otis says, “The reason I did it was because of the amount of sexual assaults that not only my own family has experienced but that the many women Donald trump has done this to, and the point of this exercise was totake the star and auction it off on election day… and take that money and distribute it to the woen who have been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump along with the George Washington Republicans who are against sexual assault.”

3. He Says He Is Prepared to Go to Jail If Necessary

James Otis says, “I think I’ll have to handle the consequences of what I’ve done.” He faces up to three years in jail and over $10,000 in fines for the vandalism. Otis added on, “I will gladly pay the money if I have to and if I must go to jail, I will.”

Otis does not seem fearful of the possibility of a trial, or even incarceration. “I’m happy to go to trial”, he has said.

4. The Plaque He Destroyed Is Worth $30K

According to TMZ, The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has said the plaque Otis destroyed is worth $30K. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce hopes that Otis is punished to “the full extent of the law”.

5. He’s an Heir to an Elevator Company

Otis is an heir to an elevator fortune called Otis Elevator Company. You can check out the company’s website here.


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