WATCH: Joseph Mann Police Shooting Full Video [GRAPHIC]

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Before Joseph Mann was shot and killed 14 times by Sacramento police, officers attempted to run over the mentally ill homeless man, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Less than 35 seconds before Mann was shot, an officer said “f— this guy,” the driver says, “I’m going to hit him,”and the other officer responds, “OK. Go for it. Go for it,” the newspaper recounts.

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The Sacramento Bee reported that it had enhanced police audio of the July 11 incident involving Randy Lozoya and John Tennis.


Here’s a closer version:

And you can watch a bystander cell phone video here:

The police video was not released until late September. It has outraged Mann’s family. His brother, Robert Mann, told FOX 40, “They (police) lied to me flat out – they told me my brother was aggressive, he was coming at officers and they had no time to make any other decision but to shoot my brother.” Mann’s family has filed a lawsuit against the city.

Police said Mann was shot 14 times because he would “not cooperate” with them, said Fox 40. The 51-year-old man had a knife that he raised and was acting “erratically,” the police chief said, according to KCRA. KCRA reported that Mann’s family believes he was having a “mental health crisis” at the time of the shooting, and toxicology reports showed Mann had methamphetamine in his system.

The release of the Mann videos came shortly before another police shooting in California, of Alfred Olango, caused protests on the streets of El Cajon, a suburb of San Diego. Police had responded to 911 calls for help from Olango’s sister because he was having an emotional breakdown, according to family, and an officer shot and killed him. In news releases and press conferences, El Cajon police said that Olango had no firearm but was holding a vape electronic device in a two-handed, shooting-like stance when the officer fired.