Kathleen Willey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Kathleen Willey. (Getty)

Kathleen Willey accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her in the White House on the day that her husband committed suicide, allegations that Clinton denied in a deposition.

Willey gave a deposition accusing Clinton of unwanted groping in the Oval Office during the Paula Jones investigation by Ken Starr.

Jones accused the president of sexual harassment; he was ultimately impeached and paid a $850,000 settlement. On October 9, shortly before the second presidential debate, Willey appeared at a table with Republican nominee Donald Trump, Jones, and two other women – Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978, and Kathy Shelton, who was a child when Hillary Clinton represented her alleged rapist as a young lawyer.

“I am here to support Donald Trump,” Willey said at the Trump press conference. “The reason for that is the first day that he announced for president, he said, ‘I love this country,’ and ‘I want America to be great again.’ And I cried when he said that.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Willey Alleges That Bill Clinton Sexually Groped Her in the Oval Office

According to The Washington Post, Willey said in her deposition in the Paula Jones case that “she went to the Oval Office on Nov. 29, 1993, to ask for a paying job to help ease her husband’s financial troubles.” Willey and her husband knew Clinton because they were campaign donors.

Once there, she alleges that Clinton, without her consent, “kissed her, groped her, and placed her hand on his genitals,” said The Post.

In an interview Willey gave to 60 Minutes in 1998, she said, “that at that point Mr. Clinton put his arms around her, consoled her, hugged her and then kissed her on the lips.” Willey said the president then fondled her breasts, and “told her he had ‘wanted to do this ever since he first laid eyes on her’ and then placed her hand on his crotch.”

She alleges that she pushed away from Clinton and said, “I think I better go.” She ran into Linda Tripp outside the Oval Office on her way out and confided in her what happened, CBS News said Willey claimed. Tripp, of course, would become notorious for recording her conversations with Monica Lewinsky, the young intern who had a consensual affair with her boss, the president.

2. Willey’s Husband Committed Suicide That Same Day & Clinton Denies the Allegations

Willey’s husband, Ed, committed suicide the same day and was found “lying dead of a gunshot wound to his mouth in the woods near his car, parked on a hunting path in rural King and Queen County, Virginia,” said The American Mirror.

In 2015, Willey wrote a tribute to her husband on Facebook that read in part: “You were so young and handsome. You have missed so much, walking our daughter down the aisle, Patrick’s graduation from college, Shannon’s graduation from medical school, Patrick’s wedding, the births of your two beautiful granddaughters and the joy of being a grandfather. Our family was shattered, everyone is still angry, way too much finger-pointing, years of not even talking to each other. You left us with such hopelessness and guilt. It all paralyzed us. We have never even grieved together. So much guilt, ‘what if’s’ and ‘if only’s.’ How did we miss so many signals? We never saw it coming. Our children’s lives are forever damaged.”

She continued: “We can’t seem to find our way back to any semblance of a family we once shared. The holidays are nothing but god-awful. The magic of Christmas is gone forever. And to this day, for the life of me, I can’t remember my last words to you. What in the name of God were you thinking? You left us in shambles and the pieces of that life can never be put back together again. 22 years ago and it still feels like it was only yesterday. I still find things of yours after all these years. Will we ever heal from all of this? Why? Why, Why? We will always love you and miss you…”

Bill Clinton says that he might have given Willey a friendly hug to console her or kiss on the forehead, but he adamantly denies that he sexually assaulted her, according to The Washington Post.

3. Willey Later Accused the Clintons of Possibly Plotting to Kill her Cat

According to Salon, Willey wrote a book called Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton that was published by WND Books, “a subsidiary of the right-wing conspiracy theory site WorldNetDaily.”

In the book, she suggested that the Clintons “hired people to run an intimidation campaign against her during the Starr investigation.”

A month before she gave her deposition in the case, wrote Willey in her book, her cat Bullseye disappeared, and she had an encounter with a man who was jogging in her neighborhood. He asked whether she had found her cat. The man then allegedly said, “you’re just not getting the message, are you?” and two days after her deposition, Willey found a skull on her porch she thought was the dead cat, Salon recounted. The FBI actually did an analysis but it turned out to be a raccoon, said Salon.

On Facebook, Willey writes that she has worked at the White House, WorldNetDaily, and a realty, studied at Virginia Commonwealth University and still lives in Virginia.

4. Willey Wrote Clinton Positive Letters After the Alleged Assault Including One in Which She Calls Herself His ‘Number One Fan’

After Willey accused Clinton of groping her, the White House released a series of letters she had written him after the date of the alleged assault.

In some of these letters, Willey praises Clinton. For example, a letter written in 1994, said, “I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how caring and heartfelt your speech was on D Day. While you have had many shining moments, that day was, for me, the proudest I have been that you are our President.”

She also wrote that year, ” Dear Mr. President – You have been on my mind so often this week – There are so very many people who believe in you and what you are trying to do for our country – Take heart in knowing that your number one fan thanks you every day for your help in saving her wonderful state.”

See the letters here.

5. Willey Was Described as a ‘Loyal Democrat’ Who Campaigned For Bill Clinton

Hillary & Kathleen WileyFrom documentary "ALL ABOUT THEM"2015-07-20T16:16:27.000Z

You can read a transcript of Willey’s famous 60 Minutes interview here.

The interview says that Willey, in 1998, was then “51-years-old and lives in Richmond, Virginia. A loyal democrat, she campaigned hard for Bill Clinton in 1992.”

The interview also said Willey, along with her late husband Ed “volunteered her time and contributed thousands of dollars to Mr. Clinton’s bid for the White House.”

Willey has given many television interviews over the years.

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