Kenneth Bone: The Funniest Memes You Need to See

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A mild-mannered "uncommitted voter" named Kenneth Bone, in a cuddly looking red sweater, became the Internet "thing" of the night after the second presidential debate. Bone took the microphone and got to ask a question during the debate. Bone's question was pretty innocuous. It provided no clue that Bone might become an Internet joke. “What will it take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly?” Not all of the comments about Bone were negative, though. Some people thought Bone should run for president. People even created memes on Twitter of 2020 T-shirts for Kenneth Bone (hey, if Joe the Plumber became a thing once, why not Kenneth Bone?) Twitter wanted to know more about Kenneth Bone, but information on him was scant, other than the fact he hasn't decided who to vote for in the race. Bone's decency in his question, and his Mister Rogers' like sweater, were a stark contrast to the often nastiness on the stage, in which Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed over substantive issues like ISIS and Russia. However, they also diverged into sideshows, with Trump comparing Clinton to the devil at one point. The generally ugly political season has had people searching for a Kenneth Bone like figure. He represented normalcy, decency, and the "every man" in the room. Perhaps Kenneth Bone was unaware he was getting his 15 minutes on Twitter. It probably wouldn't last long anyway. He was captured taking photos on the debate set, blissfully unaware that, on Twitter, he had been turned into a meme.




Trump suppose to be lock up by make people work for him by not pay the ,he is a thief.. America going to elect a thief..Woww


the only thieves here are the crooks in power. dt took legal deductions, he’d obv be in jail otherwise…

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