LIVE STREAM: Watch Wikileaks Press Conference Online

The highly anticipated Wikileaks’ tenth anniversary press conference is about to start. You can watch it online in the video above. The conference should begin at 4 a.m. Eastern. Many are wondering if Julian Assange will announce another big leak about Hillary Clinton, similar to the Democratic National Committee leaks from just before the Democratic convention.

If the live stream above doesn’t work, you can also watch the Infowars live stream below:

Although some people are positive there will be something damaging shared about Clinton’s campaign during the livestream, this is not a given. Wikileaks has not made this assertion. In fact, the schedule for the announcement does not mention anything specifically about a leak release or the Clintons. The schedule includes an introduction by Sarah Harrison, WikiLeaks journalist. Followed by a 10-year video at 4:10. Then a 15-minute presentation by Harrison about lessons learned and history. From 4:30 to 4:40, John Goetz and Stefania Maurizi will speak about the publication model and partnerships. An “Assassinate Assange” video will air at 4:40 a.m. Then at 4:43, Melinda Taylor, Assange’s lawyer, will speak about legal threats and status. Next will be a UN press conference video at 4:55. At 5 a.m. Eastern, Assange will speak for 10 minutes, followed by questions from the press.

To learn more about the last big Wikileaks release about the DNC, see our story below:

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