WATCH: Loretta Sanchez Dabs During US Senate Debate

Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.) wasn’t going to let her opponent’s double digit lead in the California US Senate race dampen her mood.

She capped off her remarks during a Wednesday debate against California’s attorney general with a dab. The debate moderator was giving Democrat Kamala Harris a chance to respond when Sanchez pulled off the celebratory move popularized by Atlanta rap group Migos’s song “Look at My Dab”.

Harris stared at Sanchez for a couple moments before saying, “so there’s a clear difference between the candidates in this race.”

Nathan Click, Harris’s communications director, criticized Sanchez’s execution of the dab as well as her debate. The hour long debate saw the candidates go back and forth on police shootings, higher education as well as Sanchez’s congressional attendance record, The Sacramento Bee reports.

Sanchez’s spokesman Luis Vizcaino said the move was another sign that Sanchez clicked with Millennials. Sanchez represents the 46th District of California, which includes the cities of Anaheim, Santa Ana, and parts of Orange County. She also serves as a senior member of the Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees.

The retirement of incumbent Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) opened up the race for Harris and Sanchez. Wednesday’s debate is the only one-on-one meeting until the November 8 general election. You can watch the entire debate below or fast forward to 55 minutes 40 seconds to see Harris’s reaction to Sanchez’s dab.

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