Martha Raddatz’ Age: How Old Is the Debate Moderator?

Martha Raddatz

Martha Raddatz also moderated the 2012 vice presidential debate. (Getty)

Martha Raddatz is co-hosting the second presidential debate along with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, thrusting her further into the national spotlight.

Raddatz is ABC News’ chief global affairs correspondent and is the co-anchor of This Week, a position she assumed in January. She’s a native of Salt Lake City who got her start in local television, Cosmopolitan says.

With Raddatz in the presidential debate spotlight before an audience expected to be in the millions, many people are interested in learning basic details about her biography.

For example: How old is Martha Raddatz?

Raddatz was born on February 14, 1953. That makes her 63-years-old.

According to her official biography with ABC News, Raddatz, “has covered all aspects of foreign policy for nearly 20 years – reporting from the Pentagon, the State Department, the White House, and from conflict zones around the world.” She has traveled to Iraq 21 times as a journalist to report on the conflicts there, says ABC.

Raddatz has periodically been accused of bias (Barack Obama attended her wedding), but her supporters say she is a tough and fair reporter whose political affiliations are unclear.

Raddatz has been married three times. She is divorced from her second husband, Julius Genachowski, who was a classmate of Obama’s at Harvard (hence the wedding invite) and he was later nominated to be Federal Communication Commission chairman by the president.

Her current husband is Tom Gjelten, a journalist who covers religion and faith issues for National Public Radio. Her first husband, Ben Bradlee, Jr., was the son of the famed Washington Post editor. Raddatz has a child each with Bradlee and Genachowski.



Hoa Truong

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Hoa Minh Truong.
(Author of 5 books, Vietnam veteran)


no amount of makeup or ps can make her look ‘good’ or young again. she gives me the creeps..:o


More ad hominem attacks . . . so shallow . . . cheap and easy . . . requires no grey matter whatsoever . . . come on people, how about some substantive, thought-provoking commentary? And shame on for such a sexist article.. How many other articles has the moderator’s age been the topic of discussion?

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